DNA test proved the child was not my husband’s

February 19, 2011

In september 2010 my husband was contacted by the csa to start paying for a child from an ex partner. But in 2006 my husband was told by his ex that this was not his child even though he built a realtionship with this child and we had him every weekend she stopped all visits etc we did not here for 4 years.4years later we had this letter.

He wrote a letter explaining that he did not feel justified to pay for the childs up keep as he was told he was not the child and please could he have a DNA test and whilling to pay the costs up front…. NO they wrote in a letter back as he was on the birth certificate he knew this as he thought he was the father they still went on to say no after severel horrible telephone encounters with them they said they will ask the childs mother if they could do this!! What a surprise the mother said it will up set the child to much!!

I have to ask the question as to why you would tell your son this? They still went onto take money out of his wages untill proven other wise. We deciced to get a solicitor £3,000 pound later we got her to court after 14 letter to get her there she used tactics to ask if my husband could sign him over to her parter for adoption but no once in one of these letters did she say my husband was the father. Once at court she sat there and said she had never been asked for a dna test luckly my husband had evidence she had no solicitior. 4 weeks later we had a dna test back through and my husband was not the father!!!!

After all the nasty phone calls because not forgetting these ladies that work for the call center are a womens rights group!!! My husband has just recived a letter saying he will be getting his money back soon!! Yeah right a £1 per week.

We are both very hard working people with a child our selfs and not forgetting my childs tax credits was taking into consideration to make there caculation up.

I dont care what the csa say they are all for the mother…. as my friend who is a man looks after his daughter full time has no money from mother!! They refer to the women as there client what about my husband that had been taken for a mug!! If anything this has made us stronger and i hope this help fathers to think there is light at the end of the tunnel you just have to get legal support.

I do feel for mothers out there as my mother never had a payment off my father!! But there are some nasty women out there to get what they can Regards


  • Colin says:

    I was really interested in your story, my situation is exactly the same as yours, and it was nice to see you got the result you wanted. I would love to contact you and a chat about your experience with the CSA. My e mail address is above if you want to contact me.


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