Disappointed the system is failing

January 24, 2012

I have had many dealings with the CSA which span’s from the early 90’s to the present day and none of which are anything more than disappointing for want of a better word. (Beat’s swearing) For a Government run agency that we the tax payers are paying, is a pretty poor service that’s certainly not benefiting the child (that’s putting it mildly).

When I first contacted the agency, it was slow to start, as was explained to me, being a NEW and fantastic scheme that would benefit the PWC and make the NRP responsible for their children, great concept!!!

In real terms it just didn’t and still doesn’t work (for quite a number of people it seems), the agency preyed on those that they knew were easy targets and compliant, those that were a bit more difficult they, in my opinion, decided to just let go to the way side, AND those, that were just, plain and simple awkward tough cases (as all mine have been), well, you had no chance.

I have 4 children, 2 of which have now left home and have received a big fat zero from the NRP.

I have spent a fortune on telephone calls (must have spoken to every single agent in UK and Ireland which was where one of my cases ended up!!!) explaining place of work, addresses, all the necessary information they required, (they always claim they needed more), never getting anywhere, awaiting written communication to which I never received and being told “oh it must have got lost in the post”.
I then claimed for my 3rd child, (these were all under the old rules at the time) once again, i was being apologised to for the previous agent giving me false information and the amount of time it’s taking. (funny really as they STILL do it to this present day!!!!!) The agency asked me for information with regards my 3rd Childs father last year, (long time after the initial claim), to which I gave, including a photograph, place of residence, N.I number, and they were all CURRENT at the time of passing over, only to be told sorry we haven’t enough information!!! (What more did they want BLOOD). Apparently traces were put on my 3rd Childs father and they claim they simply couldn’t find him, bit strange really as they have his N.I number.

I was advised when I claimed for my 4th child that there was an NEW and IMPROVED system and if I closed my previous 3 cases and re-apply, it would take, in total, a FANTASTIC 12-15 weeks to complete.

Of course I took them up on it (stupid of me looking back) but hey 12-15 weeks, couldn’t go wrong, my children’s fathers should be made responsible to contribute to their children’s upbringing.

Well, to date, the agency has failed 3 of my children thus far, they received no support at all, and I get comments like “at least they don’t have anything to thank them for then” but is that really the point, why should a father (or mother) be able to shun the responsibility of the child, what kind of example are they giving to their children…….it’s ok to just walk away and shun any kind of financial responsibility.

My 4th child’s father had a detachment of earnings after a long time of non compliance, doesn’t actually mean anything in real terms (not in this case anyway), each time an assessment is made and schedule sent out, he puts in a change of circumstance, in a conversation with the agency 2 days ago, stating categorically that there is an evident trend going on, they stated that all changes have to be investigated, which I have to say I do generally agree with but in situations where the NRP is PLAYING the system there has to be some kind of policy put into place to prevent this happening.

A complaint was made many years ago but still nothing was done, I did receive a letter stating that they apologised for the inconvenience caused but hey I suppose that was to apologise for future problems…….

I said that was going to make another complaint and the supervisor that I spoke with said that I can’t address it to anyone I just put a P.O box number on, my question was, well who reads and deals with them then, I asked could speak to her superior she explained that I couldn’t as she didn’t have one, then it change to she was unavailable as she was possibly be in meetings ALL DAY, I asked when she would be available as she can’t be in meetings 7 days a week, she explained that she didn’t know anything, bit strange not knowing when your OWN manager is available, I work and I know when my manager is available!!!!

In the whole time accumulating approx 18 or so years I have been lied too, fed countless number of false promises constantly by the agency not just by the agents themselves but by SUPERVISORS also, my cases have been passed from pillar to post, lost, found, archived, forgotten, spent god knows how much on 0845 telephone numbers and being keep on hold for about 10 minutes then explaining the issues you are looking at a good 35 minutes!!!!

I can’t think of anything else that I can physically do, though I have since been in touch with my local MP, and considering seeking legal advice.


  • chall says:


    The agency are using PO Box numbers now, but you should address your complaint to “Complaint Resolution Team” at the address your case is with.
    I would also be tempted due to their delays, maladministration, lack of customer service etc to apply for compensation.
    Keep copies of ALL correspondence and send it signed for mail, even though you have contacted your MP, copy them into this letter and ask for their assistance.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • michelle says:

    I have sought advise from the local MP and have recieved a copy of the letter sent from him, strangey enough addressed to what i believe to be one of the main people, to which one of the agency advisors told me that they DIDN’T have!!!!
    I recieved a reply from the CSA saying they are looking into it, AND they have 15 days but if it goes over that then they will write explaining why, which i don’t hold much hope out for. (the 15 days i mean)
    I then heard in the media that it could be that we may have to PAY to use the agency, now does this mean, the cases that have been ongoing for decades won’t be charged for using this (joke) service due to their incompetance sorting out cases, though i do feel they have a bloody cheek asking for money.

  • chall says:


    If you remain dissatisfied after you have received a final response from the agency you can contact ICE http://www.ind-case-exam.org.uk/

    The ‘charges’ are meeting some opposition in parliament.
    Case would be closed on their current system and would need re opening on the new. I understand parents should be contacted near the time.

    I agree it is a cheek asking for payment for the service and I would have like to see them made to have a duty of care to their customers, it’s ridiculous.

    Hope you get a speedy resolution.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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