Disapointed with the way CSA has handled my case

August 6, 2012

The CSA has been dealing with my case for many years and they still have not manage to resolve the matter. I’m very disappointment with how I have been dealt with by staff. The staff do not keep me informed with what’s going on with my case and they are rude. If I don’t contact the CSA with an update, my case will sit in their pending tray. There are many delays with my case and I never get to speak to the same person, receive a call or a letter.

I’m having to explain my circumstances all over again. I’m giving the same information about my case and feel like my case will never be resolve. I am aware CSA can put measures in place, such as remove driving licence, passport, or merge with the bank and imprisonment as a last result, if Mr Joseph does not comply which he has not been doing for many years. My case has been going on for a long time now, what are the CSA time scales before they start taking action seriously.

It seems like they are working on the behalf of the fathers, not the children. I don’t feel supported by this agency and will seek legal advice if its not resolved. I have complaint to CSA on many occasion and got nowhere.


  • Tan Sidhu says:

    I have made direct debit payments since birth of my child, and since 2011 where i was unemployed seem to owe more money than when i was employed.
    How on earth does that work???

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