Different information every time

February 23, 2014

I have been attempting to get regular maintenance from my ex partner for almost a year now. He has done everything in his power to evade paying regularly and every single time we get a new schedule of payments sent I’m lucky if I see one correct payment from the schedule before I receive word that the maintenance has been recalculated again.

I’m sick of it. My daughter deserves better and is missing out whilst my ex’s other 2 children are regularly benefitting because he sees them regularly but refuses to have contact with my daughter. The CSA, whilst supposedly meant to be facilitating to ensure simplicity and ease of payments have done absolutely nothing and instead consistently give different information every time i call them. Also it’s always me that has to phone them to chase things. Am at the stage now where I’m pursuing a formal complaint and considering court action against my ex. Fed up of him shirking responsibility