Diagnosed with severe lung disease and hounded by CSA

March 18, 2016

For the last 16 years i have been paying csa for a son i have been denied access to forever.I received a letter from the csa six months or so ago telling me that changes to the csa are coming and my case was ending on the 27th of february and they would contact me when it gets closer.

2 weeks before the 27 th february i received a letter saying that the changes would take place on the 27th and i had to make other arrangements to which i didnt know what to do.i left it a week and thought if i leave this arrears are going to arise and i know from past experience it can amount to thousands so i rang them.I have recently lost a few friends to illness my wife of 14 years was not happy with the contact i have had from the csa also i have been diagnosed with a severe lung disease so i now feel broken and dont know what to do .

When i rang they were very rude and said that my csa would triple that was the last straw i broke down on the phone to the csa saying this would break my marriage and i would loose everything i had worked hard for over the last 16 years i was paying £125 a month but now they want over £5600 a year which is £466.66 plus because there is no contact with the other parent i would have to pay 20% on top for the transaction fee £93.33 total £559.99 i simply cant afford this and brokedown again they asked me about my life and other children as they have no acces to the old csa files.

I told them about my other 2 kids under the age of 16 and they said they would send me paperwork for my employer to fill in etc gutted.i waited a week no paperwork or final figures so i rang again asking the same questions they said my details from the previous contact had not been updated and asked all the same questions again as you can imagine i am a broken man now cant seem to see the end of this nightmare constant arguing with my wife sleepless nights cant stop crying a 45 year old man cant stop crying.

After another few days no paperwork for my employer arrived so i rang again as soon as the man answered i brokedown its just not fair i said i cant afford it its making me so ill they then went on to say i was earning £45000 and thats the figures they got after taking my kids into consideration the csa woul now be £377.00 which i still cant afford its £252 more than i am paying now and have been for 16 years plus dont forget the 20% transaction fee £75.40 total £452.40 i still havent received the final figure in a letter and dont know what to do for the first time in my life on 3 seperate occasions i have considered suicide whilst driving thinking if i swerve here thats it its done my family will hurt for a while but they would be free from my mistake all them years ago i need it gone cant cope if you can help or guide please do


  • Jo says:

    Please see your MP about this taking all the paperwork with you. From now on only deal with CSA in written form because CSA haven’t a clue and it leaves a paper trail of evidence. There should be a reduction with regards to children in your home plus make sure they have your income correct. Do not give them your tears, they’re not worth it. They tried breaking my husband and we’ve been down where you are and had to fight for our family. Do not let the bastards win!

    I’m also a pwc and with the new changes it’s down to me to make contact with the CSA on my closed case (I have children aged 11 & 14 and never had a penny from my ex) not the other way round to open a new one so it’s down to your ex with why she wants to proceed with the CSA and not a private arrangement? I think they’re giving you false information in the hope you will pay.

    Best of luck

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