Despite private payments for four years, ex wanted more through CSA

July 23, 2012

I am currently experiencing csa hell for the 2nd time in 12 months through no fault of my own. I am horrified at the system and how it works with regards them taking money and not listening to any reasoning whatsoever.

My first case started in April 2011 when when my ex partner decided that after me paying her through a private arrangement for 4 years that she wanted more money as she had been made to go part time.

Rather than ask me for more money she said i dont want money from u direct anymore as Im putting the claim through the CSA. it took the CSA 4 months to sort the claim and make an attachment to earning. By this time there were large arrears which meant they decucted £800pm from me for 4 months to clear them.

This course of action meant I lost the house i was renting, my job as I could not afford the fuel to do it and my girfriend as she could not put up with me being depressed anylonger and having no money whatsoever. As you can imagine I was feeling pretty suicidal by this point as had no job, home or girfriend anymore so I had to move back in my parents house. I managed to get another job in December 2011 (Much less money than before but it was a job still) and was able to mov out of my parents house back in to my own accomodation.

I phoned the CSA to advise them of my change of circumstance and address and a case worker said that they will sort out a new claim. It has taken them 7 months until now to sort this out and guess what….the claim now has 6 months arrears on it through no fault of my own and Im back in the same siuation as i was last July. So i have to quit my Job and give up my accomodation and move back to my parents. This systemn cannot be right if Im better off on benefits.

I want to work and have done all my life and want to see and pay for my children but this system of arrears payments does not allow this course of action especially when ive always been prepared to pay yet the CSA drag out the case through internal chages and staffing issuing as Ive been told….Nyway heres to being unemployed again for the second time in 12 months as i have no other option available….

The government agengy is seriously flawed!!!!!


  • jay. says:

    Yes it is flawed, but look at it like this, your ex being greedy and she ended up with less, that’s what happens when csa get involved, they care about no one. My advice, if you can go self employed.

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