DEO yet I have had no money from CSA in 12 years

March 13, 2011

I applied for maintenance payments through the csa,after years of my x partner job hopping whilst I kept a track of him and infofmed the csa every time he went elsewhere the csa failed to suceed in getting payments for my now 17 year old daughter My confidential details were disscussed by a csa workerover the phone to another member of my family when she rang or advice on her claim! I have made seveeral written complaints but not recieved so much as an apology even though I was told I was entitled to a compensation payment for the failings made by the csa.

Today I made yet another phone call only to be told a deduction of earnings order is in place I should have recieved payments 6 weeks ago but his employers have not sent it to the csa so now they are allowed time to send the payments, Iasked for intervention from the csa who told me they have a procedure to follow,and that does not happen overnight, so now it seems employers can do what they want with the csa too.

It’s clear that the csa does not support the child or child poverty but fully supports the absent parent who chooses not to support their child.


  • Karen Bedford says:

    Unfortunately I agree with you!

    Please join the facebook groups Child Support Agencies Failings and others to get support and advice as you will see there are too too many of us in similar situations.

    1. go to your mp
    2. complaint about the csa to ICE (independent case examiner)

    Believe me it could be worse your ex could be self employed and the CSA help them more than others to not financially support their children.

    You need to keep on at the CSA, write letters recorded delivery, keep notes – dates, who you spoke to, etc. its long and hard, but dont give up as now you have to keep on at them whilst its still free to use the only service there is available but is so flawed.

    Good luck

  • Leigh Simmonds says:

    I have to agree with Karen, I feel every sympathy for you but keep persevering, get your MP involved (they seem to do something then) and you might just get some money. Myself, Karen and thousands of other single mothers whose ex is self-employed will never get what their children deserve.

  • Peter Anderson says:

    Check out “CSA – If we have to pay, we want our say!” on Facebook and have a chat with Lisa and/or Sarah. They have similar problems and should be able to help you.

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