DEO on wages without any contact from CSA

August 31, 2012

The CSA have put a deo on my wages without contacting me first.

The first I new about it was when the first payment went out of my wages, all my children have grown up & I have always paid for my childrens needs then out of the blue this money started being stopped from my wages £565 a month which I cannot afford to pay.

Now my employer is paying this money the csa won’t discuss it with me so we can sort out if I owe anything at all they say they tried to contact me, but the address they had for me was 6 years old. It now looks like I have got to resign from my job & start claiming benefits because I just can’t afford the amount they are taking I am getting into debt.

I don’t want have to give my job up but can’t find any alternative my company will not stop paying & csa won’t discuss it with me


  • Carol says:

    Were you previously aware the Agency were involved? Did you previously pay maintenance through the CSA or was it a private agreement?

    Your employer is bound by the DEO and it is treated similar to tax and national insurance deductions from your salary. CSA will put a DEO in place if they believe you have been non compliant. Obviously in your case as they have sent correspondence to an incorrect address they believe you are non compliant!

    If you are in arrears the CSA can take 40% of your net salary. Your employer cannot leave you with less than 60% of your salary.

    Write a formal letter of complaint to try and get some answers. Could be worth your while also getting your MP involved. The complaint process within the CSA is slow but once you have your MP involved you will be assigned one person to deal with and a direct number to contact them.

  • chall says:


    Further to the above, it is imperative you are aware and understand what has been happening with your case and when/how the arrears have occurred.
    You also need to establish whether the arrears are owed to the PWC or the Secretary of State if the PWC was in receipt of benefits at the time.

    It would be a good idea to apply for your Data Protection File and a complete account breakdown from the CSA, there is a fee of £10.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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