Denied contact with my daughter by my ex even though I won a court case

August 30, 2011

I have a child, she is now 6 years old but i don’t know her.

I fought in court for 5 years for the right to know my daughter, which was very costly, and won; however her mother remained hostile and i was unable to establish a bond, she thwarted the courts on many occasions and simply got away with it. I gave up as things were not progressing.

I now pay 87.90 pounds per week via deduction from earnings order. This puts heavy strain on my life and is quite depressing, i feel let down by the system, the ex partner doesnt even speak to me and i have even e.mailed her but no response.

Is there any help out there for me?

Thanks Lee.


  • Peter Jeffrey Gale says:

    Hi Lee

    I can fully sympathise with your situation.

    I have a 17 year old daughter that I lost contact with in exacty the same way. I had hoped that the system had improved since then but maybe it hasn’t.

    In your case though, contact is supposed to be enforceable nowadays and the courts are supposed cut through such behaviour by hostile mothers.

    You might want to try talking to Peter Flynn of Fathers Access Rights ( for a relatively small fixed fee he seems to have more success at dealing with cases such as yours … I found his advise helpful but it was a bit too late in my case … I’m legally free to contact my daughter directly now and if she has inherited any part of my reasonable nature then she will surely come to understand for herself what happened between us and be ready to build a new relationship together.


  • mark says:

    Same happened to me but I couldn’t take any more after two years,despite what you hear the court system doesn’t care. You would alas get better justice in the criminal courts where you are innocent until proven guilty. The court system still is bound by Victorian values as a father you are seen as nothing more than someone to provide money and that is enough of an input into your children s lives. The pain off not being able to see your children is unbearable and can only hope there is a way to live with it. Good luck to you both and I hope your right and you do get to see them latter in life.

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