Decent fathers want to pay

August 2, 2014

The CSA are a terrible organisation, and yes it is not interested if you are sleeping in a cardboard box on the street, and yes 9 times out of 10 it is not the Fathers fault.

It is bad enough that a marriage or partnership breaksdown without the added pressure of losing your kids and not being able to afford to live, and then CSA constantly badgering for money.

Like I have always said it was set up for fathers that want to disappear and don’t even attempt to make payment, most decent father’s of course want to do what they can for their children anyway, but at the end of the day we still have mortgages/rent, council tax and all the other bills that have to be paid on a monthly basis, this is why I have always said every case should be means tested.

None of this is ever taken in to account, the amount of men I know who have had dealings with the CSA, end up in debt and trouble and on the verge of committing suicide, while most of the Mother’s get new partners who they want to be there kids new Dad, and we are pushed further and further out, but of course we are still good enough to pay money.

The whole system is ludicrous and yes I agree, there should be something set up for NRP to help with this hell that we are put through until our kids reach adulthood, we should all band together and fight the system, someone somewhere has to start the fight, and i’m guessing that this would get a lot of support.

My hell has been ongoing for the last 6 sixs years, and every year i’m in arrears apparently even though I have paid every penny they have asked for even though I am in debt up to my eyeballs, so how I end up in arrears every year I will never know, but the computer says that it’s right so it must be, but surely what comes out of a computer is whatever a person puts into it????

I feel so sorry for any NRP that has to deal with the CSA, I can honestly say I would probably have been better off not working as if your not earning you can’t be forced to pay what you haven’t got, I have been unable to see my children for six years, i’m not a kiddy fiddler, I never hurt my kids, I did everything I could for them and love them dearly, but their Mother and her new husband didn’t want me around anymore.

Of course I couldn’t afford to go to court because I had owed the CSA ficticious arrears because my ex lied to them, took me five years of fighting to prove, finally did, but I still haven’t received any of my money back they owe me about £2500, which I will never get back, not that a Father should ever have to pay to go to court just to get access to see our own children, as we are just as much a childs parent as a Mother is, that’s what society doesn’t acknowledge yet, I feel soo so sorry for anyone that has to deal with the CSA and the ex.

I for one would be willing to fight along side anyone else that wants to try to fight the system, not that we should have to.


  • Woody says:

    Hi Colin, you are not on your own mate the CSA are targeting nrps to pull back historical arrears from the day it was set up, the arrears in most cases are false but there is a massive black hole the the government have charged the CSA to chase this debt as aggressively as possible even though it is more than likely not your debt.
    God know what can be done but we really need to do something, there is a media blackout on what is going on, and the only media coverage is propaganda against the nrp, making out that all nrps are trying to avoid payment.
    Suicide? Many many of us have considered this option and probably will unfortunately commit suicide, but we must do something to change the CSA and what the government are doing to nrps, ultimately the government are targeting us for this black hole of debt, just like they are targeting the sick and dying who have their benefits stopped.
    Come and join csaripoffs on facebook, introduce yourself and join the fight.

    Kind regards,

  • Mike hunt says:

    You are not on your own Col.. You need some good advice mate.. Firstly try childsupportagencyripoffs … Speak to Lisa Roberts…. Use the site get advice and get your mp on board… Good luck

  • Mr.Whitey says:

    Yes, decent fathers want to financially contribute to their childrens’ upbringing, but we don’t need some two bob Government agency fuck up, the like of which Joseph Stalin would have been proud of, interfering in every aspect of our family lives.

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