Dead Beat Dads get a meeting with Kitty Ussher

November 11, 2008

An update on what we have been doing lately. We we have managed to get a meeting arranged with Kitty Ussher so hopefully we can get the ball rolling and get our point across. We found out that Kitty had replaced James Plaskitt so after doing some research about the new Under Secretary of the DWP we found out that she wasn’t very far from us and was an MP for that area. We sent numerous emails and letters to her requesting a meeting with her but got no reply, as well as that we sent letters to Lord Mackenzie of Luton and Stephen Geraghty but we received no replies to date.

We found out that Kitty had open surgeries so we went along armed with our folders and a letter just in case she would not see us due to not being from her constituency at least we would have given her our letter personally requesting a meeting with us.

After speaking to her secretary and informing her why we wanted to see Kitty  she told us that because we wanted to see her for a ministerial purpose I would have to make an appointment through her ministerial office which will be arranged through the DWP. We informed her secretary that we have sent numerous emails and letters to her ministerial address but they no doubt will have been ignored, deleted or shredded.

Her secretary informed us that Kitty would have to see her constituents first and if she had time she would see us after, given the fact she was supposed to be at the meeting from 4 till 5, and she turns up at half four then she has to see about 7 people we figured we would not get to speak to her. At 5PM we heard her saying to her secretary that she really wants to speak to us and so we were called over. After she apologised for keeping us waiting and realised we had come about 40 miles to see her she informed us that she knows about us, has read our web site and she totally agrees with our site. She informed us that she had to pick up her children but she needed to see us and asked us if we would mind going to London to see her because she wants to have alook at all the evidence we have and wants to make a difference to this draconain Agency.

We will keep you informed folks

Dead Beat Dads Association


  • Sue Vincent says:

    Well done on getting a step further in the war against this terrorist agency. My husband has been paying REGULAR over the top payments for the past six years and has now been informed of near on £4,000 of arrears.

    The new outfit is no longer targeting partners of DSS claimants as they realise that these people are going to dodge the system and cost them more to chase than they receive. They are now targeting the honest working man who they know have a regular income which they can use their terrorist type tactics on.

  • Karen Bedford says:

    Maybe thats the reason why me and Lisa cant get our meeting with Helen Goodman – as ‘they’ have got wise that we have got wise!!

  • deadbeatdad says:

    There are ways and means of getting meetings with them you just need to know what to do

  • rach says:

    hi dead beat dad is she going to sort out the csa i have read your website and what you are doing is great!

  • deadbeatdad says:

    I very much doubt it she had to resign as she was caught fiddling her expenses and had to step down, just like James Purnell, so much for reducing child poverty eh and here they are fiddling tax payers money to fund their lavishing lifestyles, having their moats cleaned out claiming for extortionate fitted bathroms and kitchens.
    James Purnell left one of his flats in such a state it had to be cleaned out after he left.
    Glad you like our site, and we are now starting to get on top of the CSA even to the stage where they are too scared to turn up for court cases as they have been shown that they are not above the law.

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