Dead beat dad doesn’t deserve my son

January 4, 2013

Although my son’s dad has been in&out of his life often he has bought the “odd” thing for our son but has not given me a penny in a few years, spread out, what can I do??

I struggle every day, can’t heat our house for a whole day at once as too much & he should have been helping with bills but no he wouldn’t and I did not want to stop my son seeing his dad but now he is 10 and knows his dad has not paid or bothered much he does not want to even see him just now its affecting my son badly and this guy has loads of siters,brother who will say he does not stay with them but he does!!!!

Free lodgings too??? Not fair, do not even know how much of his alary i am meant tot get, read 15% & REALLY hope thats wrong!! Nothing from 200 though his wages go up and down regular would I get 15% of “any” amount of wage?

I cant cope, dead beat dad doesn’t deserve my boy., how do I and what do I need to get the money back he is surely due for not paying a penny for years???

Please can you help me??? I am a financially&*stressed) struggling mother of one and the father has come to his own pitiful “child support” for my son at last since came on the scene and know he is being very mean & I get Income support&carers allowance (paying off 2 loans for last 2 xmas’s) and CANNOT live!!

He refuses to pay and I want him to stand up and at least help me financially with his son, I do not know how much I am entitled to frm his salary but I sure would love to find out as would go this way as it’s STRESS EVERY week “wondering” if he’ll come up & pay, so far “NO”, please help on how much I should get from him and how I go about getting nearly 10 years of back payment from him as never given me a penny only got few things for my son due to his jealousy, horrific and it is now affecting my son so i would rather know and hope i do not have to see him again and can get some help/answers here please, thank you so much in advance for any help, Regards, Sharon ryan.

(I am sick of struggling and think its about time he put his hand in his pocket & helped me!!)


  • Alice says:

    Do you have a case open with the CSA? If so then your maintenance calculation will be assessed as 15% of his net income less any allowance for children in his household for whom he is financially responsible for less an allowance for shared care if your son stays overnight with him for 52 nights or more per year.

    If you have a case open and and are not receiving payments then he will be building up arrears which the agency will attempt to collect along with regular maintenance.

    If you do not have a case open and your ex is not paying you then you can contact the CSA and open a case – they will do an assessment and will collect your maintenance for you. They can only collect money from the start of the case, the initial effective date will be the day they contact your ex – if he does not respond to phone calls they will send out a Maintenance Enquiry Form, if he does not respond to this they have the right to presume parentage and open the case, the initial effective date will be in accordance with when the MEF is sent to him

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