Daughter lives with me yet I pay CSA to my ex for her?

August 13, 2012

My daughter lives with me and I’m paying csa for her?

I have 2 daughters with my ex partner. The csa are currently taking £90 per week off my wages.

I have been in touch with them countless times to inform them that my youngest daughter has been living with me since the start of May and i feel im fighting a losing battle. I am getting really frustrated because my daughter is in my care and im paying csa for her. I havent recieved any financial help from csa or tax credits. I also sent away receipts to prove that i was paying money directly into me ex’s account and was told this would be dealt with asap and the money i paid her would be reduced from future payments.

I dont see why she should be getting money for 2 kids when 1 lives with me and im supporting the other aswell. That was may, its now august and cant understand why i’m paying this and it hasnt been dealt with.


  • Carol says:

    Are you in receipt of child benefit for your daughter? If not get in touch with them and have the child benefit paid to yourself. This should help with CSA payments.

  • Barry watson says:

    I have recently recieved the child benefit number carol,but my ex has told them im lying,im disgusted with the way im being treated.

  • Alice says:

    Is your daughter registered at your address for the doctor,dentist and schooling.?
    If not do this now and obtain proof that your daughter is named as living with you.Write a letter to the child benefit office with instructions to put the daughter into your name and request the fraud department to investigate your ex’s reason for claiming the money for 2 children. If your ex is able to claim for both children,she will be claiming child tax credits which can be nearly £60.00 per week per child.So giving up one child benefit will see a vast difference in her income each week.When writing to the CB send it registered post and send copies of papers.Good Luck

  • Sally says:

    @ Alice, can I ask where you get the amount of £60.00 per wee per child for child tax credits? My partners ex has been harassing us for more money, saying that she is skint all the time… she works part time (approx 20 hours per week) and has two kids.

    My partner pays her more than the CSA deem necessary (and never missed a payment in 3 years) but she tells the kids that he doesn’t give her enough money and tells us that she doesn’t have enough to live on. We have highlited the fact that she gets child benefit for 2 kids and that she must get working tax credits and child tax credits (as well as £300 from my partner each month)…. but she denies it….

    She managed to afford a holiday abroad with her friend while we took the kids on holiday this year… so we know she isn’t skint.. I would just like to know how the child tax credit and working tax credit is worked out…. so that I can put an end to her harassment once and for all!!


  • Alice says:

    Sally,my husband works 30 hours per week,i work 16 hours per work.I get £20.00 child benefit and £57.00 child tax..I get no CS from my sons father ,yet my husband pays CS for his daughter who is nearly 19 this year.We cant afford a holiday but yes you have it the ex wife can.Now the ex wife on September 3rd 2012 loses her child benefit ,her child tax and her child support payments because the stepdaughter is not going back to college but applying for JSA.And guess what ,stepdaughter is moving out because mother is freaking out because she will have to move house and the money stops.Now my daughter who is marriied ,2 children and not working ,gets nearly £105.00 child tax credits.Oh by the way our tax credits are taken into account as well.

  • Alice says:

    If the PWC is only working 20 hours per work ,then she will be getting 2 x child benefit, 2 x child tax credits,working tax,poll tax reduction,housing allowance and help with school dinners if the children are in education.If she has a partner then there will be no poll tax reduction or help with housing benefit.I dont take sides with a PWC or the NRP ,has i am both,but I do know the ex is better off than we are,but that is not her fault but the CSA who allow it to happen.

  • Alice says:

    if your daughter is now living with you and you are in receipt of child benefit then the csa can confirm this via interface with the CB office and they will remove that child from your ex partner’s claim
    as you are now the PWC for that child you will be entitled to submit a CSA case and claim against your ex for that child

  • Matthew Vaughan says:

    I have stated my views on the CSA on here before in the past now I have a new dilema my daughter after being abused by her younger brother at her mothers residence PWC has been advised by the police to move in with me NRP
    which she has now done her mother will not cancel the claim and CSA will do nothing about it till she does and obviouisly after 16 years now the boots on the other foot I now wish to make a claim for CSA

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