Daughter is four and not a penny from CSA since she was born

May 9, 2012

I first made my claim to the CSA in May 2009 when my daughter was just over a year old.

I have STILL never recieved a payment from my ex. The CSA has refused to do anything, and I haven’t heard from them for over a year now, despite repeatedly phoning and emailing them. I have passed on details of where my ex is living, his mobile number, and also his place of employment (as I was told it’s MY responsibility to prove he is working, not theirs!) and still they have done nothing.

I tried to make an official complaint, and they wouldn’t uphold it, no reason given. I am soooo fed up with them, my daughter is 4 now and we haven’t recieved a penny for over 3 years.

So much for the law!!!


  • karen bedford says:

    Hi you need to take this further, go to the ICE (Independent Case Examiner) and your MP and make a complaint. Join the facebook groups Child Support Agencies Failings and other groups for support and advice.

  • jay. says:

    You won’t get anywhere with ICE until all avenues of complaints with the csa cannot be resolved, I would certainly see your mp tho.

  • Carol says:

    Snap!! 11 years I put up with that crap. Like you provided information of addresses, workplaces, everything and got me nowhere. I eventually withdrew my claim because it got to the stage that it was really not worth the hassle.

    Like both Karen and Jay have said is complain. Go to your MP with all the information you have. Lodge a formal complaint. I think there are a few tiers of the CSA complaint process you have to go through before you can go to Independent Case Examiner. In all honesty I tried that route a few years ago as I was that p’d off with them I wrote to the PM at the time and I was then allocated a case worker within the Parliamentary Correspondence Unit of the CSA but still never got anywhere in all honesty but at least I tried!

    Good luck – this Agency is really really bad regardless of what side you are on. I am now living with a NRP who is being deducted 40% of his salary through their incompetence. I have totally lost out with them!

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