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Dated CSA not fit for purpose by leaving fathers willing to pay with nothing

The CSA is out of touch and definately not on the fathers side. They only take into consideration what you earnt last year and not what your currently earning. They have increased my payment by £100 per month. They dont care that I have to pay rent , council tax and the fact im slipping into a hole. Not paying them isnt a option either as if you default they simply take the money directly from your wages and charge you £40 each month. I dont mind paying for my child but when Im not even seeing the child plus struggling just to live. I think the CSA is dated and not fit for purpose.They do not care and worse still over 50% of fathers pay nothing.

Not a level playing filled at all.

One thought on “Dated CSA not fit for purpose by leaving fathers willing to pay with nothing

  1. Dear Michael

    Your comments that the CSA/CMS is not fit for purpose and do not care about father’s is partly true. They certainly do not care about fathers, parents with the care of children or the children themselves. They are indeed fit for the purpose for which they were designed. They are simply a collection agency for our corrupt government. They care only about money and that is the reason why each caseworker has financial targets and are extremely rude to you when you try to speak with them.

    You will NEVER win unless you know what you are doing. Fighting the CSA/CMS like trying to take on the might of the Russian army singlehandedly. That would be crazy, right? Well that is what people do every day and it is causing untold damage to their health and well being. Some have no life because they are so consumed in trying to beat a system which is impossible to overcome without specialist knowledge. It is crazy – people never learn though I try to educate many.

    I am one of the few who know how to deal with the CSA/CMS. I have been through it myself and decided to specialise in CSA law. I am more than willing to discuss your case with you and how you can get redress and access to your children if that is what you seek.

    Contact me if you wish to on [email protected]


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