Dad refuses to pay towards chldren

January 15, 2012

4 years agon i was left to care for 3 young children when their dad walked out. since then i have not recieved a penny towards their up keep, apart from one time last year when he contributed £35 towards my sons weekend school trip away. Im currnetly just recieving money from child benefit as i returned to work last year – to try and better my childrens life – however in December i had to return to being a full time mother due to not earning enough.

My oldest is now 11 and with him starting secondary school back in september i had to cover the full cost of his uniform (around £120) it frustrates me as he seems to have no intention of getting a job or paying anything. When i was in touch with the csa a couple of years ago they spoke to him and came back to me with that he cant afford anything.

He has regular contact once a week and am finding it a struggle and often think should i just end the contact all together but i dont want to hurt mychildrens feelings, but not sure what else to do!!!!!!


  • chall says:


    If you can not reach an agreement with your child/rens father, there is nothing preventing you from reapplying to the CSA.
    info here

    I commend you for not stopping contact, your children should maintain a relationship with their father, unless there is a reason for it to cease ie violence etc.

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