CSA’s false demands mean my daughter will miss out on trip to Disneyland

December 24, 2012

I have been happily paying £51 pounds a week towards the welfare of my 17-year old daughter, although it’s not always easy.

Wheneve we meet, which is at least once a fortnight, I give her £20 pounds pocket money, we go out for dinner and I give her £100 plus for christmas and birthday, and am saving to take her to EuroDisney for her 18th, which she is excited about.

I have been in the same employment, contracting for 3 and a half years, although about 15 months months ago, I moved across to an umberella company, effectively cutting out the middle man and being able to claim my expenses as i’m entitled to do as a contractor.

I didn’t feel the need to notify the CSA of any changes, as I havent benefited massively financially, only expenses reinbursed and my holiday money accrued paid up front.

Much to my disbelief them Government leaches have phoned me today, telling me they have re calculated my maintenance due to my change in circumstances, this is despite me not volunteering any of this information, and resieving their quarterly statements iforming me throughout this year and next year my payment will be continuing at £51.

My new payment will be £60 pounds a week, fine! I also have arrears of £700 as this was recalculated from 21st September 2011, and all this time it has been accruing without any information offered.

Of course the agent cannot offer any evidence or such like, as he’s not dealing with the case.

Bearing in mind my new situation means any time I take off work is unpaid, plus four weeks off work due to a broken hand, all this time I have continued to pay my maintenance, when I was perfectly within my right not to do so!

As we approach another holiday, (another two weeks), this comes to approx 10 weeks unpaid, where maintenance was continued. If they can pry into my private information, they will find these weeks when payment was not recieved, therefore they can deduct these payments from my socalled arrears right???

If not, my daughter will be missing out on her christmas present and trip to EuroDisney as I demolish my savings to repay these thieving swines.

So my beautiful daughter has to suffer for the continuing incompetence and anguish this defunt broken system causes.


3 Responses to “CSA’s false demands mean my daughter will miss out on trip to Disneyland”

  1. wilf on December 24th, 2012 12:44 pm

    Paul:- Ask for a revision of the latest assessment, (you have one calendar month from the calculation date), provide evidence of your income at the effective date and also ask for an up to date reassessment based on your yearly income as you are a sub contractor and work is irregular.
    They will not look at short periods of illness.
    Sounds as though the arrears have accrued because the backdated assessment was delayed while they were gathering information.

  2. semajttam on December 24th, 2012 1:50 pm

    Tell them to go back to their book and recheck. I take it you have evidence of the payments?

  3. Alice on December 24th, 2012 7:05 pm

    If an CoC is reported to the agency they are obliged to investigate and if there is a change in income a re-assessment will be done. A CoC can be reported by PWC, NRP or 3rd Party (employer, solicitor or rep on the case). You as an NRP are obliged to inform the CSA of any change in your circumstances, if you fail to do so and it is reported by another party the CSA will re-assess as per the legislation. If your assessment goes up then arrears will be accrued back to the effective date of the new assessment.

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