CSA’s dirty tricks have left me struggling

November 11, 2014

Several years ago my former partner was not sticking to the court order for access. I asked the CSA if they could assist which they could not and advised me to take the issue to court.

12 months later it went to court and the judge agreed to reduce my access which took me under the 102 night rule so I lost my 50% discount. My Ex partner was told not to take the issue back to the CSA because the changes were for her sole benefit and not that of the children.

I had not driven more than 30 miles from the court (on a 200 mile journey) when the CSA phoned me wanting details for reassessment. As the judge had instructed my ex not to contact them I contested it and did so for several months.

The CSA wrote to my employer without my knowledge and requested 2 wage slips. The manager who received the letter had issues with myself and took the opportunity to make my life difficult with regards to my ex by sending me on high paying local work for two weeks, this effectively doubled my wage and these wage slips were sent in without my knowledge.

The assessment was based on these wage slips and back dated 18 months to when I made the call, not to when the court order was changed. This gave me an arrears bill of £5500 which 7 years later I am still struggling to pay off.


  • Richard Fox says:

    Did that, no joy at appeal as assessment based on information supplied.  Sent two years wage slips to show information was flawed but to no avail as they applied the rules of the scheme I was and still am on which is the Jonny Ball think of a number scheme. So I have on average paid my Ex 40% of my take home pay since then, lost my home, car and all assets. Kept my dignity….. she’ll never take that.


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