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CSA’s broken promises have left me at wit’s end

My daughter will be 5 in September and I have not received one penny of maintenance from her father.

The CSA has promised me many things, none of which has happened.

They have told me me the only way I can get meney is to hire a private detective to find my ex!

What can I do, I am at my wits end.

7 thoughts on “CSA’s broken promises have left me at wit’s end

  1. the c.s.a don’t know what they are doing my ex owe me money but dose not pay it . my child moved out to live with her dad and now he want me to py it one big joke . whem I told the c.s.a to take it out want he owe me it not there problem . good luck with yours

  2. Duncan. I do work and have done since I was 16. I not like him work shy or some other on here . If he was right with me I would not have any problems paying him .

  3. no I don’t see my child because she belives her so called dad not been in her life much she gets to 18 and then dose not want anythink to do with me or the rest of her family .

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