CSA News appears on Radio Five Live with Gabby Logan

Darren Jamieson, from, appeared on BBC Radio Five Live this week on the Gabby Logan show speaking about the impact that the new DNA testing kits available at Boots would have on families. Darren, speaking on behalf of, debated the moral angle of the new testing kits that offer paternity testing for under £160.

You can listen to Darren’s part of the interview right here.

One thought on “ appears on Radio Five Live with Gabby Logan

  1. STATEMENT….CSA make fathers who dont pay for their children pay !

    This statement is incorrect and is with a DAD who has paid 165’000.00 to a women who wanted to live mortage free as a maintainance settlement and also paid her 250 per month which she asked for she no longer feels this is enough so has gone to the csa……who is now asking for an order on his wages and because of the amount will not be able to meet his mortgage payments….. so she lives mortagage free and now he will lose his house that he had to remortagage for her……she stopped him seeing his children 3 months ago which he saw 35 hours one week and 28 hours the other, in order to secure more csa we have taken this to court ….more money but a small price in order to see his children who he absolutley adores. and because she has done this he can only see them for a matter of hours to bed the children back in so no over night stays !!! i think the csa are potentially good for fathers like my children father who dont want to pay and go self employed and get away with it like he has 2.50 per week is shocking but thats all they told me they could get as he has declared a very low income although his life style shows different !!!!! CSA have proven they dont want to chase self employed parents as its hassle i had to go through ICE in order for the CSA to acknowledge me after 3 years !!!! i was compensated but that is not the point, CSA have proven if a parent works for a limited company they will chase him quite aggressivley and are clearly not interested in what he has provided for his family in order for them to live finacially free from mortagage and debt, i cconsider this wrong and an absolute farce as CSA claim to help those who cant make the parent take any responsibility i see it as they clearly penilize those that do, CSA need to be shut down as the parents that can avoid paying for there children through loop holes do so no point in the CSA really is there !
    A quick comment on the i seized a house….its not something id bragged about and after being involved in both sides of the CSA i think the kind of things you should be bragging about is how you made a difference to a parent obviously playing the system and made it right…..thats job satisfaction

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