CSAhell.com makes me sick

February 23, 2010

this site is a smack in the face for parents raising kids alone. you are giving the absent parent ways to avaoid supporting their children. Why would you do this? Maintenance is to ensure the child does not live in poverty and can be supported in a warm, comfortable home with clothes on their back. If these parents didnt leave their children and refuse to financially we would have no need for the CSA.

what this site is doing is ensuring absent parents pay as little as possible by fiddleing their tax returns – ILLEGAL!!!

You should be ashamed..


  • Michael says:

    Hi Annika

    I’m guessing by your stance that you’re a PWC who has just started dealing with the CSA, or you have a friend who has. This website isn’t about helping people to avoid the CSA at all. We have just as many posts from parents with care as we do from non resident parents.

    The CSA isn’t about ensuring that “the child does not live in poverty” – it’s about taking money, as much as it can, from those who need it most. You’ll realise that as you have dealings with them.

    Good luck, whatever it is that you are hoping for from the child support agency.

  • Rob says:


    Although there probably are a few absent parents wishing to dodge the CSA and not fork out for their children, there are just as many who fully intend to meet their responsibilities but are being persecuted and bullied by the CSA. Also, it is not just absent parents who have massive problems with the CSA, it is also PWC’s.

    As the earlier poster mentioned, the CSA’s role is supposed to be to reducing child poverty, but in actual fact they are putting more children in poverty by forcing absent parents to make ludicrous maintenance payments which mean that they can not support any ‘second family’.

    You may be lucky and not have had any dramas with the CSA as yet, but to label us all as fraudulant cowards that left our children and refuse to pay for them is narrow minded. If you were forced into debt and prevented from seeing your kids by an organisation that was a law unto themselves you might understand.

  • Reece Sanford says:

    So what about people like me who have been begging for a DNA test to prove im not the father of a child only for the CSA for 12 years to say no and make me pay over £400 a month,force me to sell my house and sent me to the point of suicide.

    Maybe you should read peoples stories before you judge this site.

  • kerry says:

    You are so wrong.

    Yes some parents do avoid paying for their children. But in my experience these arn’t the ones the CSA are targeting.
    They bully, demand and humiliate the wrong parents the ones that only want to support their kids.
    The CSA give the parent with control the right and with their backing to distroy a nother persons life.
    Personally i have been on both sides of the fence bringing my children up for 26 years in total 11 years of them being a single mum, never claiming benefits or reciving a penny from the other parent, support your kids, hard work yes, dignity and love , not always about the money, Get out there and do the work your self and bring in the money, the kids will have more respect for you in the end.
    I dispise anyone that uses the CSA and their kids as a weapon.

    You are lucky you have your kids with you.

  • annika says:

    i do work thankyou kerry, where in my message does it suggest that i dont work and use my child as a weapon. We have no contact with his father (his choice not mine) and i have struggled to get maintenance paid as when he DOES work he’s self-employed and my grumble was that this website gives pointers to the non-resident parent on how to avoid or should i say pay as little as possible by claiming all the extras in their tax returns to make there earnings look as little as possible. And why shouldnt he bloody pay, he walked away from his child, isn’t there for him emotionally and so SHOULD be financially but as the truth goes he is now on benefit to avoid paying maintenace and pays £1.25 a week. An utter disgrace and he has 4 kids to 3 different women (great guy eh!) – £1.25 a week for each child.

  • Kerry says:

    there is a point there,and i bet the csa can’t touch your ex, and because hes not working don’t bother even chasing him. But these are the exact people they should be targeting not the ones that are really struggling.There are arguments on both sides and yes I agree with you he is an utter disgrace.
    I apologise i didn’t say that you used your child as a weapon, but many do.
    Some parents stop there children from seeing their other parent and use this for financial gain. I have experienced this personally and see it every day in the job I do, the csa chase the easy targets the ones that already pay and leave the ones like your ex alone.They take so much money that they lose their homes and drive them to dispear, they take their kids then take their money, its domestic abuse,its about control. So basically the csa are doing a **** job. And basically we agree on the same thing.Look at the website afairercsa for all, read some of the stories on there, Its not about trying to get away with not paying for your kids, it helps the parents with care to.

  • Peter says:

    Annika, Your ex-partner obviously hasn’t had an opportunity to put his case here but from your account he sounds like a pretty low character, any father who turns his back on his children is beyond contempt.
    Three years ago my (now ex) wife had an affair, this obviously led to a breakdown in the relationship, particularly as it was not her first affair during our time together. Her family are reasonably wealthy and paid for her to have a very expensive law firm represent her, I am self employed and was unable to run to proper legal representation. I lost the house my mother left me, had to pay off credit card debts I was unaware my ex wife had run up and very worst of all had to leave my two daughters who are the most important thing in my life and I love dearly. As part of the settlement her solicitors asked me to pay £100 per week per child as maintenance. As I said I’m self-employed some months It costs more to run my business than I earn. £400 per month maintenance is way beyond my means. Of course I should contribute to the cost of caring for my children, if it was up to me they would live with me full time. I’m far from happy with the party lifestyle their mother leads and exposes them to (when they are with her that is, it would seem that when they are not staying with me they are with her parents, neighbours, friends etc. my 4 year old daughter was even left in the sole care of a fourteen year old “baby-sitter” until two a.m. on one occasion) I was advised to contact the CSA to get a fairer figure worked out. Taking this advice was one of the worst mistakes I ever made! In fact they did work out a fair figure based on my earnings and I have always paid this in full on the first of each month. However the CSA are a law unto themselves and are almost impossible to deal with. You hardly ever get to speak to the same case worker twice, case workers contradict what other case workers tell you. Most of the ones I have been unfortunate enough to deal with are quite frankly incompetent and haven’t a clue what their doing and as a consequence give you bad or wrong advice. If they are prepared to advise you at all, the default setting seems to be the threat of or actual legal action. The agency seems to randomly pick figures to deduct from you at their whim and make extremely difficult for you to correct any mistakes they’ve made.

    The system is a mess and it’s for this reason this site exists. If you’ve just started dealing with them whatever side of the fence you are – I have friends who are the PWC who have had just as negative experiences with the CSA , Good luck. Your going to need it!

  • flint says:

    Annika Clair ,

    get out of here you should be ashamed. CSA ARE FULL OF [email protected] they take to much money then lie and say they didn’t get any money then take it again? how do we stop these people there trash. pwc are trash, i hope one day. people who are against csa become terrorist, (but to me they will be people fighting for the rights of nrp .freedom fighter) and blow there buildings up, put fear in the heart of the government csa put fear in the heart of the workers, because that’s the only way things will change, all this chit chat will get us no wear, the only way is to act now.

    I hate PWC they need to be punished every single one of them i don’t care who sees this i hate the csa i hate those moaning pwc, i never agreed with all this terrorists you here on the news but now seeing my own problems with the csa and seeing i am not the only one, frustration and anger starts to boil inside my brain, you either can kill your self and leave a suicide note or walk into the csa building strap a bomb to your self and blow all those tramps up, and that will be on the news, but before you do that you make sure you call all news station media and tell them whats about to happen, you leave a video of your self telling them why, you send all your details out on you utube, and other media sites telling your story, telling them why, then u walk into an office of the csa and pull the switch, bomb!!!!!!!

    there is no other way, know i understand why these muslin terrorist do these things, pure anger and frustration, a government who does not Liston who makes profits of the poor then lies about it pretending its a moral thing. i hate the scum i hate the csa i hate the women who use csa to course harm and stress to there x, i hate the sexist ministers who lie, i hate the politicians who lie, and say its all for the kids but behind closed doors they, cheat the system them self’s, then have the check to say we as a government need to save money, yet they are making billions of the poor people, and their taxation of normal people just trying to make ends meet. so you get out of here, Annika Clair i hate your type i truly do.

  • james says:

    Its an interesting point you have there flint.

  • l feel ya says:

    flint,i feel ya on that.These people are liars.The reason behind this is MONEY.The states get federal money too collect cs.They are basically exploiting children to make money PERIOD.They care nothing for children at all.They are just using them for profit.They are the terrorists,they are the criminals.

  • AUD leic UK says:

    the csa is about children and there welfare WHO ON EARTH TOLD YOU THAT it is asexist stelth tax on WHITE MEN the only group chased are WHITE MEN fact….. they do not chase woman or blacks or asians ONLY WHITE MEN they chase for the mums on income support and job seekers allowence then they stelf tax the man take 80% to 99% of the cash for them selfs then give the mother a few quick IT IS ASTELF TAX ON WHITE MEN TO PROP UP THE DSS BENEFIT CLAIMS MONEY AND NOTHING MORE fact!!!!!!!!!!!

    it has nothing whats so ever to do with a childs welfare ARE YOU SO INSANE YOU THINK A GOVERMENT CARES ABOUT YOUR KIDS GET A GRIP INSANE MOTHERS !!!!!!!!

    i advice any man who gets shit from csa to imply insanity extream temper, hatred of woman because the CSA cannot put a child or woman at risk so pretend you are a risk pretend you are a nutter pretend you will hack her up with a axe if csa touch your money PRETENT im not promoting vilence just the pretence of it PORESTO CSA WILL DO ONE YOU WONT HEAR FROM THEM AGAIN

    the csa break human rights laws they are sexist racist and its a stelth tax on men FULLSTOP….

    CSA take a womans word over a phone as 100% fact YET A MAN HAS TO SPEND HIS OWN MONEY ON DNA TESTS HAS TO SPEND MONEY ON A SOLICITOR THE COURTS ETC yet the woman only has to state any mans name out of a hat in the uk instantly that man is now the father of a kid that isnt his by a mother he never met all on the word of a female on a phone

    so csa work by this system any mans name given by any woman is chased for cash yet wen its a man there word is not allowed it goes to court etc

    so csa are saying all woman are honest and there word over a phone is legal reason to extract money from a man yet a man needs asolicitor a court and years of his life to be believed THAT IS SEXISM AND IT IS HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE OF WHOTE MALES fact…….

    i will never pay a penny to a iligal hanti european law anti human rigfhts law unlawful stelth tax agent

  • h says:

    Annika Clair I hate you too and I’m female. You have no idea what extent some women do to get revenge. The laws in this country are unjust and sexist when it comes to family law. Apparently women do no wrong.

  • john smith says:

    well i would like to say its not all the fathers faults for
    not paying its the woman who throw there men out and then think yes
    i can contact csa now for cash then what do they do when the woman
    recieves the cash? go out buy all the best of gear what do they get
    the child? a wee jacket at a tenner come of it woman are clever
    they sit there and watch the money role in then say to themselfs
    with a big smile just think i dont have to ever work again till
    there 16 then when there kids are 16 they want there money so what
    is fair ? im totally baffled with all this then come weekends when
    fathers take there kids out there spending more money and woman
    want give them cash from csa they got to give them for weekends so
    not all fair

  • the real resident parent says:

    Oky i hear what you are saying but concidder this………
    I am what the csa call a non resident parent wh has his son and his step son 4 nights per week plus extra nights during all the school holidays, now that means that i have them more nights per year than she does.
    However because she claims dispite the evdience provided as requested by the csa i have to pay them what they demand plus alleged arrears and then pay to support them when they are with me.
    Thats fraud you prob think and yes it is but the csa dont actualy physicaly investigate those claims the just go on he says she says and she is presumed the one telling the truth. If anyone from the csa reads this i am willing to put my money where my mouth is………

  • Craig says:

    The CSA/ CMEC make me very very angry reading some of the comments regarding the offices being blown up – I would love that to happen the corrupt government will have created terrorists because of their greed and ignoring people, the CSA/ CMEC staff infuriate people by not responding and being incompetent I hope for a scenario similar to North Africa let see how smug and arrogant the staff will be then when they are hunted down by people who they have abused. I would not shed a tear for them they know what they do is wrong. The fact that they abuse our servicemen really makes me very angry they financially rape our servicemen because they are easy targets. they are traitors who do fuck all for the country except assist PWC’s who are using the CSA out of vindication and to get one up on their ex using their children as a cash cow. I despise the CSA and what they do so I do hope something is done to them and maybe they will think twice before they ruin someones life.

  • Dolphin (D) says:

    You are the one that should be ashamed POVERTY? A single mother and child has NEVER been in poverty. HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME.
    What about clothes on my children back? what about warm for my sick daughter ? Because of the csa my sick daughter is cold every winter as we can’t put the heating or fire on. We ARE left in poverty with a back wall that is so bad now we have warter coming into the bedroom. The NRP and their new family is what poverty is. Lets take away the PWC heating, lets take away the PWC car lets stop all her benefits after all the NRP don’t get benefits. We work we do not live off others and never our ex. I would never live off a ex husband hang your head in shame. And as fot the slap in the face they need a baseball bat across their heads and the child taken away useing a child for money is the lowest thing you could ever do. SHAME ON ALL PWC THAT DO THIS.

  • Fogwai says:

    Sorry Annika but you get no sympathy here either. I split with my ex-wife in September 06 and despite fighting for equal care for my two daughters have been reduced to seeing them every other weekend because she cared more about screwing me over than rights of our own children. She quickly went about unleashing the CSA on me and has reduced me to poverty whilst she got married again to a guy in the forces, is earning more than me, gets tax credits and child benefit. She gets 5 incomes whilst I have to survive on 4/5’s of mine. And now she’s talking about taking my kids abroad so I won’t see them again and the CSA will be after even more money because of that. So go bury your head you whining cow and think long and hard before critisizing honest hard working people who are getting absolutely shafted all ends up and have little or no say in the matter.

  • linda says:

    If absent parents paid their dues to their kids there would be no need for the CSA who are i agree completely useless. Its so easy for a parent to walk away and forget all responsibilities so all you lot stop bloody moaning and pay your kids their dues !! and as for mister self employed who cant afford 400 quid a month for his kids but claims he wants full custody of them!! get over yourself who the hell are you trying to kid.

  • Lee says:

    What low life. Moaning because you have to feed your kids. Who do you expect to do it? Me perhaps. You should be prepared to give the shirt of your back if it means that your children are well looked after. As for second families, that’s your choice. Knowing what you know about the cost of raising children from a first marriage / relationship you then choose to do it all over again. That’s a choice that you make. Lose the sky tv, fags, booze and fancy pulling clobber and do what you have to do to make it happen. Take a second job. Send your latest squeeze out to work. Stop having bloody kids if you know you don’t have the ware withal to increase your earning potential. As for Flynn………..those of you who bothered to dignify this nut jobs ramblings with a response need to take a long hard look in the mirror. It seems obvious that you have become NRP’S you should’nt be under the same roof as any bloody kid.

  • luke says:

    Gave ex 25% already, she wanted more couldnt and wouldnt.She took me to CSA who target overtime and stop me working over because my payments ever spiral even if no overtime worked. The overtime would benifit my children but I cant keep doing it because once it stops the payments continue regardless leaving me in debt? they owe me and I am still overpaying. CSA contacted me over arrears and damanded £80 due to information on my wage slips. They did this immiediatly, they now owe me and they have not responded in 6 weeks! still waiting.Wrote to MP who told me nothing can be done due to ‘legislation’ which ironicly is put in place by them.
    Hope this vile, spineless organisation, one day chases the real scumbags who have odd kids to odd women and run, rather than men who love their kids but find themselves at the mercy of a spiteful bitch who hate them more than they love the children.

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