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CSA wrongfully took money from me after I already paid them

My girlfriend applied for welfare, for her and her daugther, ater we had our baby and CSA started sending me letters stating that I would have to start paying child support and that I was a non-custodial parent.

My girlfriend informed them that she didn’t want welfare for our baby, just her and her oldest daughter, but they told her she cant have one child on welfare and not the other if they live in the same house, so we contacted the CSA office went in and talked to them. My girlfriend told them that she didn’t want them coming after me for child support because I already was taking care of my daughter, so they said they would collect $200.00 dollars a month from me for the months that they paid for my daughter. That was fine, but then they started saying I would have to pay $1500.00 a month for the they paid my girlfriend, so she requested for them to discontinue her case, and they said they couldn’t because of the monthly QR-7 are due every three months hers was already in and they couldn’t stop that until her next QR-7 was due.

In the mean time we signed papers with CSA and stating that since I already paid them $2400.00, that I wouldn’t have to pay anything else and after the case was closed a check that was sent to me for $8,700.00 from the Franchize Tax Board that they owed me. Instead they sent it to CSA and CSA told me that once that money is sent to them I can’t get that back and I have a balance of .53 cents that they would wave for me. But I owed that $8,700.00 and they refuse to give that back .

During all this time I did ask for a lawyer and they told me that my girlfriend could be prosecuted if I took this matter infront of a judge, even though it was there mistake. Now its been two years and there telling me that I can’t appeal this because I only hd 90 days, but I contest this matter then when I finally did go to court and no one ever got back to me on anything.

Me and my girlfriend split up for a while and I had our baby but since I have been laid off I had to come and live with her again, she reports it to her worker because yes she went back and applied for welfare and now they are sending us letters saying that there coming after me for child support again. She didn’t even tell them I wasn’t supporting our child. I would like to get my money back that was wrongfully taken from me, atleast $8700.00 and get these people out of my life and off my back.

5 thoughts on “CSA wrongfully took money from me after I already paid them

  1. Sounds like the CSA. If this is correct then it sounds like you have a mal-administration case against them.

  2. Why was your girlfriend applying for welfare if you were living together? I don't understand a few bits of this case because you appear to be outside the UK…

  3. sounds like the same record, i had the same problem , challenged them and they agreed i dont pay for the next coming months to cover. They won't refund and blame it on a clerical error, i threatened them with legal action and they were obliged to bow. You can get the arseholes if you play your cards right.

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