CSA won’t take my present salary into consideration when calculating payments

November 27, 2017

CSA using previous years tax code when I was earning 13k more than I am now, but will not take present salary into equation. They say I have to wait until new tax year ??? I have actually been overpaying my ex for two years using the CSAs own calculator on my present earnings but again they will not take this into consideration ??


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  1. David on November 28th, 2017 1:00 pm

    Hello Jason

    First, any voluntary payments you may have made to your ex-partner will not be taken into account by the CSA/CMS. Once an application has been submitted for child support, your liability will be (usually) based on your ability to pay. So in the case of a Calculation by the CMS, a percentage of your gross income will be taken. The amount you pay depends on the number of children involved.

    Now, in regards the income details used, the CMS will obtain income details from the Tax office. This is usually the previous years income details. However, if there is at least a 25 per cent difference from last years income and the present financial years salary, you can ask them to take this into account and review you liability. They have to do this and to do otherwise is illegal.

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