CSA won’t listen to the other half of the story

July 3, 2015

My husband has daughter from casual fling. Three years we kept her many nights (while mother enjoyed herself) and paid 25 per week whether my husband had work or not. Anyway cut a long story short through horrific games played by mother we do not have contact with the little girl. So now the csa are involved demanding money with no reasoning .

They demand 60 per week for her while the other children in our household can do without. Her mother gets all the benefits awarded for the child as well as a percentage of our tax credits. We asked them to take into account our childs special needs and they told us to send them all the info and theyd send it all to the mother to see what she thinks.

omg .As if we would want the pyscho to know anything about our child and his condition. My child obviously has no right to privacy. Its disgusting the csa threaten and harass if your the father and the children he lives with are treated as second class citizens they lie about when they contact you and what they say to you totally misrepresenting any conversations.

It is so frustrating being part of a system that actively encourages and supports paticular women who wish to use their children as cash cards. Why if there is a set amount for child benefit should a women be able to sit back while a hard working man knocks his pan in to make some money only to know the more he earns the mother will be quids in . Lets face it none of these type of mothers has to prove she spends A penny of the fathers money on the child he has no say how it is used for the benefit of the child. Society bangs on about fathers being there for their children but constantly stamps it in their faces that they have no rights at all .make you mind up eh.


  • MrWhitey says:

    The CSA are nothing more than the ‘Concentration Camp Guards’, lowlife scum that are ‘following orders’, pondlife lickspittles…

    It’s the politicians who are responsible for this, and there is a reason that they allow it to continue.

  • michelle says:

    Had to phone the lickspittles today. They sent a letter to
    My husband demanding thousands in arrears, they had
    Phoned him once previous for a chat as they put it he couldnt speak because he was slogging at work so they then send out letter saying we have contacted you about your arrears now pay it. Thats how they misrepresent the truth to make the fathers look like low lifes who are trying to evade the law. Anyway husband sent email asking where they pulled this figure from because as you know they send no calculations unless you ask and of course therel be no rush with the reply. I have no issue with supporting your child but wish that the father could have some imput in how it was spent or saved for his child. I have children also who dont receive any financial support from their father but thats his choice and his consceince i got on with it and we never starved and if someone doesnt want to give it im definitely not going to beg and chase for it. My children can make their own minds up on the matter.

  • michelle says:

    Have to say it really is a great relief to know that your not alone in this struggle against the huge cover up that is going on regarding the so called child maintenance system. At least i know that im not going crazy when i think how unjust the system is. I am just wondering is there any pwc out there who can explain how they think its just that a father should continue to pay maintenance without a cap even though he receives no financial support from the goverment for the child/children has to support the family he lives with and has zero power or rights when it comes to making any decisions for them.

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