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CSA won’t accept pay cut because it’s 1% off the threshold!

Every year when the annual review comes round I start to lose sleep, get anxious, go off my food and that if everything is ticking along normally. The issue is that my ex made her claim against me (10 years ago) in the second week in April. So when CMS do my review they ask the tax office for my last complete year, which is never the year just before because they haven’t completed their records yet and so is always the tax year before last. Last August I took a new job and had to take a pay cut of 24%, I contacted them and they said no change, its not 25%.

Now I have looked up my tax records for the year they are going to use for the upcoming review, and my payments will increase, my current pay is now a 24.2% pay drop. So i explained that I am finding things really difficult and that could they possibly ask the tax office for the records for the year 20-21 specifically. No they said. Can i send my payslips and you use that instead? No they said. What help is there for me if I am struggling to live and make payments? No reply. So, I rummaged around the back of my mind and thought I could pay into a private pension, just enough to hit the 25% barrier so I asked would that be ok? No they said, we wouldn’t take it into consideration until we use that years tax records. So, I asked what I could do? No reply.

I don’t mind paying and have always paid, they took the money from me when we first separated even though i was the mortgage on the house I wasn’t living in, my ex wife took 70% of a house she didn’t pay for, took two years to sell the house whilst I was driven in 20k of debt. She took everything, plates, bedding, furniture I literally had to start all over again and at -20k.

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  1. Put your pension contributions up temporarily, they deduct this from your salary when doing the calculations.

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