CSA withholding my payments

March 27, 2010

After many years in 2006, the csa finally managed to catch up with my children’s father (or N.R.P to you!) and deducted money from his benefits, latterly obtaining an earnings attatchment.

How much of this cash do you think I have recieved to date? -None! The explainations for this vary and change with whichever member of staff you speak with, but they state that they have not got an ‘update’ of my bank details despite being given this information as an answer to a security question every time I have called.I believe they have purposely withheld cash legally due to me and my children that does not belong to them, cash which must have acrued significant interest for them over the four year period.

I will be seeking legal redress over this issue and should warn other parents with care (P.W.C.!) not to be too harsh on their former partners- the c.s.a. may have had payments all this time, but feel it is not their job to let you know!


  • Karen Bedford says:

    I did have a time (but most the time it was my ex the NRP not paying) when the CSA where at fautl with this, as it said on their system for few months that money been sent to me and they didnt believe me when I said hadnt received it, was going to get letter from my bank to prove it in the end, but then one person at the CSA decided to look into it and found that the money hadnt been sent to me but on their system it said it had! I got a special payment for this but the point was it shows how ‘good’ their system is . . . not!

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