CSA will not release my payments

September 22, 2010

I have 2 cases with the CSA. The first one i had problems with from the start it took me 10yrs to get anywhere with them. Then when i started getting payments i had nothing but trouble. They kept saying that payments were stuck on a different system or they couldnt find the payments…then they said the account needed a breakdown…this took a whole year with countless phone calls, in the end i had to get in touch with the local MP, who wrote a letter to the Chief Exec before things got sorted.

Now the second case with my ex-husband, this got sorted straight away, regular payments, everyone happy….until 2 months ago!!!! Suddenly, after regular payments i got no payment…rang up to be told the money was with them but they couldnt release it because they needed to do an account breakdown!!!! WHY???? So now 2 months later and 12 expensive phonecalls later i am still no nearer to getting payment.

They keep telling me someone will contact me…ye right i have never once had a phone call from that office in the last 12 years. Looks like it will be the local MP again. They are now holding 2 of my payments and wont release them.


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  1. lyn on September 22nd, 2010 2:43 pm

    Good luck with you MP because we have a top Solicitor on our case and we are still stuggling to get replies to queries we have.

  2. Allan Morrell on September 23rd, 2010 6:57 pm

    Maybe there is a change in the NRP's wage or employment, however, the CSA are always prepared to make calls to the already compliant NRP in order to satisfy the financial greed of many PWC's who are interested in financial gain as much as the many PWC's they act on behalf of. In no way do I state that you are one of them but there are many PWC's who look forward to clubbing on the financial input from the NRP who is unable to do the same due to a large chunk of their hard earned wages are being provided to PWC's lavish lifestyle rather than providing a lavish lifestyle to the child/children involved in the conflicts that are encouraged by the CSA. The CSA abuse the childs welfare while the child suffers watching bitter rivalry between the NRP and PWC at the encouragement by the CSA. The CSA hide behind a flag of protecting the welfare of the child, Is your childs welfare being protected by the CSA? It is time for both NRP and PWC to stand up against the oppressive organisation called the CSA, to demand a fair assessment that is beneficial to the NRP, PWC and the children/child.The NRP should not be forced from providing for their child farly by being able to maintain shared care with PWC, NRP's should be able to have the financial stability to provide financialy to the child/children during shared care and to supply clothes, footwear, food and warmth which current CSA procedures, prevent!NRP's and PWC's should be able to make agreements without intervention from CSA. CSA should only pursue non-compliant NRP's rather than charging after the Easy target compliant NRP's.The CSA is not a fair system and causes poverty to all NRP's and the child and in some cases, the PWC suffers as the CSA are not fair to anyone but themselves who recieve their wages by the banking profits were the CSA's banking system secures interest becoming CSA PROFIT's….. By this conclusion of CSA profiting from the breakdown of families, they encourage PWC's to withhold children from NRP's to get more finance from the NRP, In the end, it's the children are suffering by the abuse of power given to CSA, this is then child abuse. The CSA abuse children through their enforcements. Are you willing to let CSA abuse your child? time to demand a fairer system with choices between PWC's and NRP's and demand the CSA does as it was supposed to, to locate Non-compliant NRP's and a fairer system for all!!!!

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