Csa will not off set my payments against arrears

August 14, 2011

I have been seperated with three children since 2003. In May 2010 my daughter of 11 years old decided to live with her dad. When this happen my ex decided to reduce the child payments to £25 pounds a week for the two boys living with me. After none payment for some three months i decided to contact the csa in Jan 2011….my ex is self employed and would not produce proof of earnings and so they worked out an amount of just under 70 pounds a week. I have only had four payments since Jan 2011 and every time i phone and speak to them they state they are doing all the can to collect the arrears….im now owed over £600!!

In May 2011 my ex made a claim against me and as im not working and getting working family/child tax they have decided i can pay £6 pounds aweek. I have made a payment of £50 pounds and stated i will not pay anymore as i have not got the money….as uve failed to collect the arrears from my ex. They keep phoning and asking for payment of £12 pounds today?

What planet are they on…im owed over £600 and they are chasing me for £12. Where can i get advice? as im thinking of speaking with my local MP…this is just so stupid. Do the csa have managers? and why dont the look at both cases?


So frustrating 🙁


  • tom says:

    As your not working,claiming family/child tax credits and probably everything else you can claim don’t you think you get enough!!!
    get a JOB !!!!

  • Karl Garrett says:

    “im now owed” says it all really…..

  • lyn says:

    What planet are you on????

    Believe me getting these people involved will not solve anything only cause missery.

    Why dont you contact your ex and discuss this reasonably as both of you are looking after your children.

    You will not get anywhere with these people only stress and it will be like a tennis game between you and your ex fighting over money. Thats all this is fighting over money.

    Like the previous comment maybe you should get a job and not have to rely on your ex.

    Both my ex partner and myself went through hell for 2 years over the CSA and he lost his home while his ex wife laughed in his face. Sorry but what type of people get pleasure out of seeing other people hurt.

  • joanne shier says:

    Lyn agreed, csa ruin peoples lives

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