CSA will lie to get you to go away!

January 30, 2018

I’m a dad who has paid for his son and seen him as much as possible throughout his 9 years of life. Not so long ago his mum lied to the Csa that I had not paid for him. This was a lie. I have all the bank statements to prove these arrears are faulse. I asked for date so I could print the bank statements and high light the payments. I sent this in!

At the same time my car had to go the garage for water pump and head gasket. Plus a hire car to get to work. Not cheap. I’m self employed so no work no income.

Whilst the car was in the garage a deduction order dipped into my account and took including admin £1300 pretty much most of my money.

I phoned and was asked to prove that I neede the money back for the car. I asked how and Susan walker who was responsible for taking the money said to send a quote for the work! I did this and when I spoke to her next she said this was insufficient….. set up like a fool there I think! Of course she not going to tell me what to do to get money back! Neither does she care.

I now have my dad on their case as I don’t have the time it takes to do all the phone calls to speak to anyone to get answers. He now says they’re a joke and tell you anything to get rid of you… we just can’t get a straight answer… even tho we proved they are wrong they have now moved the goal posts!!!

Some mates at work joked they would be all having a nice Christmas on me! Turns out the reason Susan Walker didn’t respond is cis she’s been on holiday… did I pay for that????!

Seems to me from everything I’ve found out is tgat if you are a stand up parent they screw you to make up for the ones who don’t give a toss!!

Take all the money out your bank!! I now have no money to spend at Christmas or to fix car properly soon won’t be able to get to work due to being screwed by this lot!! Not helpful but a sick twisted joke!


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  1. David on January 30th, 2018 8:08 pm


    If you need help getting justice, I can certainly help. Get in touch at [email protected]


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