CSA went straight to my employer to deduct more money

December 23, 2011

I have been paying regular CSA payments since 2007 by direct debit with no problems and I’ve had the same job earning the same amount. Totally out of the blue the CSA contacted me in October this year to say my case had been re-assessed and I had arrears of over £1,000.

When I challenged them as to where the arrears had come from they told me they dated back to 2008 but still won’t tell me how they’ve worked it out. I sent a letter of appeal and received a reply last weekend stating my appeal has been rejected as I didn’t make any valid points! And now, even with a direct debit arrangement in place, they’ve contacted my employer and set up an AOE without discussing payment options with me first.

I’m now losing over a quarter of my income and am now in debt and borrowing from payday companies just to get through Christmas. How can these bullies justify what they’re doing?

Hope you can help.


  • joanne says:

    Complain in writing to the csa, ice and your mp, do this via email and recorded mail, keep on at them until they are forced to listen. By the freedom of info act they have to issue paperwork, throw that at them aswel.

  • janet says:

    Don’t borrow from PAY DAY loans you will never get on your feet if you do it

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