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CSA was OK until I asked about stopping

For the last couple of yrs the relationship between my daughter and me has become strained, she is 17 and i hardly see her now, infact she ignores me and treats me like a normal customer if i go to the shop where she works.

She has done a year at college but ive been told she dosnt want to continue with it. She works part time however i suspect as its the holidays she is working more than 25 hrs a week , ive been told she has had an interview to start an apprenticeship with a one day college release.

I called CSA and put this to them, the first time ive ever experienced attitude from an agent in yrs, normally theyre ok but then ive never mentioned stopping CSA before. I got speaking to a b*tch who contracticted everything ive been told before and was told “lots of kids do extra work on holiday periods waiting to go back to college”.

I dont know if this women had her ex by the balls or what but i felt a bit belittled, she went on to say it was upto my ex to keep child benefit informed of changes, knowing her she isnt going to do that, also if she did would benefits tell CSA?

Im confused as i feel im being taken for a right mug. I always mention to CSA everytime i speak to them for the record my ex had the affair not me and up until 2 yrs ago i had my girl half the week since she was 8.

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  1. You need to inform child benefit because this is why csa will not act if it’s still being paid to the PwC.

    Best of luck.

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