CSA wants to send me to prison

August 23, 2012

Over the last ten years I have been battling with the CSA and an ex wife who has used the agency to punish me in every way known. I never realised that the courts are only there to rubber stamp the CSA decision.

Walking in first time when one of our many disputes went to court I was told that the court was not there to listen to any evidence only to make legal and official what the CSA had decided. What kind of justice is this. There is an overriding presumption of guilt. A complete reluctance to examine contrary evidence. Kangaroo’s would have more justice!

I’m now faced with a 42 day prison sentence because the original  sentence passed was suspended on condition that I paid arrears of 300/month this was agreed. However I subsequently lost my job and although managed to pay in May since then I have defaulted on the payment. I’m willing to pay if I have the means.

However the CSA wants me committed to prison, although I have a job offer and would be able to start payments again as soon as I’ve been paid.To go to prison would mean that the job would be lost.

Because of the security implications of my employment, to secure further work in my field with a record of incarceration would be impossible. This would effectively end my career. The tragedy is that the CSA is completely unwilling to see the logic of this argument, I’m therefore facing loosing my house, job, and any future prospects because of a complete unwillingness to understand my catch 22 situation.

What to do???


  • Carol says:

    What an awful situation to be in?

    Regardless of your past and being in arrears I do not agree whatsoever for someone having to go to jail for not making payment of maintenance. Shoplifters, people guilty of assault etc. do not automatically go to jail

  • John says:

    Criminalised for being a parent! What happens between parents regarding children is none of these muppets business!

  • brett says:

    NRP’s are put in the same bracket as paedophiles by the vile CSA. Were treated like scum.
    See your MP. Get him/her on your side and fingers crossed the MP can do something to help you out of this awful situation.

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