CSA wants more money from me for one child than I get for two!

December 25, 2010

My eldest daughter went to live with my ex in April. For the past eight or so months he was regularly paying maintenance but reduced the amount to account for my eldest. The CSA have contacted me to tell me that he is applying for me to pay him maitenance for my eldest, despite having his other two daughters living at home with me. The CSA also told me that he had 14,000 arrears with them and when I became upset they told me to apply for an offset when I have been assessed.

They have since told him that he does not have a debt. I am looking at paying 210 per month for one child and he is looking at paying 140 for two. Prior to the eight month period mentioned earlier he didn’t pay maintenance and the CSA never pursued him. I get Child Tax credits for my other two daughters. So my questions are, is an offset application worthwhile? And do they class my CTC as income?

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  • Allan Stewart says:

    i know how you feel,had my daughter for 6mths then she went back to her mother,mother makes NEW CLAIM,i have asked them to take in account my 6yr old son who lives with me they say they have so…daughter gets 140 a mth and the son who lives with me gets £6 a month..total disgust and the ppl who work for this so called goverment and shame on the mother who USED me and the daughter to GET MORE MONEY OUT OF ME

  • Craig Bulman says:

    lets go to the CSA offices and beat the shit out of these fuckers and trash their houses and torch their cars

  • Maxine Knowles says:

    That just doesn't make sense at all. one child with each parent should cancel out the claim for those respective children and it should be the additional child/children who the claim is against. The people who work for the CSA are only regurgitating the rules that they have been given from above, if you want action I'd suggest going to the top to the people who write this stuff and can change it, it isn't logical at all.

  • Dolphin Keeley says:

    No the logical thing to do is leave the father alone. Let him move on. Stop useing children for money.

  • Maxine Knowles says:

    Most women dont use the father for money, and likewise the other way around. Stop blaming the mothers!!!!!

  • Darren Garner says:

    well when my ex had a affair then kicked me out she said she didnt want anything from me. then didn't get her own way said she wanted £20 a week. then i missed a payment and told her and all she said it was rainy day money not to worry. yet again she she didnt get her own way due to a court order that was in place she went to the CSA so as for not blaming mothers then why hasnt she gone to the fater of her other 3 kids???

  • Brucen says:

    Dear Adele, You have not given quite enough info to answer
    your questions. Basically the way the CSA law works when a child
    leaves the pwc home and moves to the nrp home, a new case is
    started and the csa will look to you to pay 15% of your income
    which does include child tax credits! It is a ridiculous piece of
    legislation, but that is the way Parliament wrote the law. You need
    to work out what your income is for the new case, i.e. are you
    employed? in which case it is your net income after tax and any
    pension contributions, which they will then use as your assessable
    income. This figure is then reduced by 20% because you still have 2
    QC’s living at home, and they will assess you at 15% of the reduced
    figure. As far as set off against your ex’s debts is concerned, you
    need to ask for a statement of account on your old case and
    immediatley apply for set off on the day that you receive your new
    assessment, or as soon as possible so they don’t decide that you
    are in arrears with case number 2. Hope this helps Brucen (ex csa
    case officer)

  • Maxine Knowles says:

    Thats your ex, not everyone else so you need to stop generalising.

  • Lee Griffin-Scott says:

    Maxine you fail to understand that Darren and other males are all at a disadvantage. They have a penis, henceforth that means that they will pay and pay and pay until hell freezes over. This is not a mans world, the women are in there screaming ranting and raving that this isnt fair and i want…blah blah blah. Having a child does not make a woman the best parent of their child. Oh and it is a crock O shit, that "Most women dont use the father for money, and likewise the other way around. Stop blaming the mothers!!!!!". All the pieces of shit that are in our lives are only in it for the $$, so that they can sit on their postcode sized arses, shoving chocolate down their faces, claiming welfare benefits worth more than we bring in ( oh we work), and make life changing decisions based on what Dr Phil & Oprah have to bleet about.

  • j says:

    Craig Bulman on December 26th, 2010 12:36 am

    “lets go to the CSA offices and beat the shit out of these fuckers and trash their houses and torch their cars”

    Well this is an old blog but I wonder how people would feel if you organised this type of evnt now? Its not legal of course but then they didnt find any ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq either and the ‘no fly zone’ in Libya was a bombing campaign so I guess ‘legal’ depends on how many police you have to back up your actions, isnt that how governments work?

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