CSA wants me to pay them even though children live with me

December 1, 2011

I have three children – two children from my first marriage and one child from my second marriage.

I have been awarded majority custody of my two children from my first marriage and have a court order. Even though I have provided the CSA with a court order and all the supporting documentation they have asked for, they still claim that I should be paying CSA to my ex wife which is ludicrous because my children live with me. If anything, my ex wife should be paying maintenance to me.

Due to the build up of these ‘arrears’, the CSA have now set up a DOE and I have been left with no choice but to leave my job. Surely because of the fact that I have provided them with legal documentation, they should not be allowed to continue with DOE or make any claim against me for maintenance.

How can I claim the money back that they have taken?

Is there any legal route I can take to get them to cancel clear my outstanding arrears and moving forwards, stop harassing me for maintenance for children who live with me?

Any help or information will be gratefully received.




  • John says:

    Complain to the Independent Case Examiners office. Make an appointment with your M.P. and ask your M.P. to represent your case with the CSA.

    These incompetent thieves use the DEO system to stitch people up with alleged arrears. Don’t speak to the CSA on the phone. Get everything in writing as evidence.

    It appears that the CSA are stitching you up (as they often go after the father irrespective of the ‘real’ circumstances) to fill the treasury pot up, and earn their bonuses for performance by inventing circumstances.

    Do not believe anything the CSA do, or tell you.

  • Nikki Bell says:

    Surely youve answered your own question there… You should start your own claim against your ex partner as you are the parent with care supplying the documantary evidence to support your claim

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