CSA wants blood, not money!

June 14, 2012

I have worked all my life and payed every tax going. In may 2011 i started paying csa. This was fine as i had a guaranteed income every week.

Come sept 2011 i started my own business and became self employed. I informed the csa leading up to this and they set me to a nil payment until i could prove my income. The following week they took £308 out of my bank leaving me overdrawn by £200. Not happy.

Finally after 2 weeks of every day phone calls , arguing and getting the local mp involved they resolved the situation by giving me £50 back. That was great…. not. I’m sure they were happy.

As being self employed i never know from day to day what work i have coming in so can not guarantee a wage/ i usually can earn enough to pay my rent and energy bills, if i have more then i put extra on my rent to cover when i don’t earn so much. I am struggling financially and would give my daughters my last penny. I had a phone call today being june 11th 2012 saying i owe £1100 csa which i can not afford to pay. The mother gets a free house, money for clothes food, electric and more to be able to go out every week end drinking. I can’t afford to have one alcoholic drink let alone a night out.

Where is the justice?

If i give the csa what they want then i wouldn’t be able to pay my rent, resulting in being homeless then jobless then i’ll be joining the queue for the government to feed and house me. Then this would stop me having a place for my daughters to see me at weekends and sleep. I have 5 daughters in total, one with a different ex and four with another. I’m happy to support my daughters and i do buy clothes for them whilst in my care as the mother of the four does not send any. What else do they want? Blood?


  • Karl Garrett says:

    I hear ya…. I had to emigrate to escape these incompetent fools, and this comes at a cost!!!

    I hate having children, being male and general being accused for not “supporting” my end of the scale.. like you I have sacrificed everything..and apparently this is not enough..so yes blood is what they want ….sorry 🙁

    Kids get used as weapons, parental alienation kicks in, and personal financial poverty is the result…why do we bother?

    If only I had my time again……. children & women would not figure in it..in this current regime…

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