CSA wants a cut of my car allowance from work

December 3, 2011

Why is it that when you have a ‘mutual’ csa agreement £300 per 4 weeks, the resident parent can do whatever they like, in my case my ex wife. I ‘pay’ for my children and gave my ex a substantial amount of money when we divorced… 20k. I get a car allowance with work,they include that in my earnings? its not a permanent income?.

The agreement has been going on for 3 yrs now, we have our budgets which are already stretched as most people will agree, it’s stable. However she has now gone through the csa officially again, and will probably get another £50 – £100 each four weeks, which will kill us financially.

Me and my wife are expecting our first child in July, and the calculations only take £50 off. I get the payments, but what I don’t get is the way you are spoken to, the way that your treated as a criminal, it makes you resent the whole thing and your history with your ex, to be honest it makes you bitter as hell.


  • terry norris says:

    yes…I had the same battle with these assholes the csa…I have a £400 a month car allowance out of which I have to pay for the car I lease,fuel it,insure it and maintain it…but the bastards still include it into the calculation.The reason…its taxable income,therefore included as net pay to which the pricks want it as well.
    this amounts to over £4000 a yr and so you can see why it impacts so heavily on me and why im forced to pay my bitch of an ex £320 a month for 1 child that she wont even tell me where is living….these women milk an unfair and unjust system called the csa for all they can get out of a NRP. The system screws the innocent fathers that are happy to pay a fair amount for their kids because its easier than trying to track down the asshole fathers who dont and wont pay anything for their kids..at least this way the csa are seen to be earning their salaries for the secretary of state.And the mothers are as bad as these scumbags and use the kids as money cows.Not all are like this but a great number of them are just greedy bitches that arnt content with shitting on theirs ex’s and walking out on them, but expect them to fund their new lifestyles without any morals or self respect.

  • janet says:

    You are a very bitter man! Buy a car!!

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