CSA want my disabled wife’s money to give to my ex

July 17, 2012

I live with my disabled wife (leukemia) and 2 of my 3 children. The 3rd child (to a different partner) is why the csa is involved.

I’ve had many run in’s with the csa over the last 5 years but the latest run in tops them all. My wife claims esa with a disabled component added and also high rate dla.

I myself claim carers allowance due to caring for the wife and 2 children. The csa decided this last week to take £5 a week out of my wife’s esa to care for my 3rd child that has nothing to do with her. I only found this out from my wife who opened a letter from the esa explaining the deductions. Understandably my wife is seathing at this moment in time. Divorce has been mentioned and this weekend i broke down in tears.

I had to give up my job to care for my wife and 2 children and this is how i’m repaid. If i can’t get any answers as to the csa actions i could be left with a marriage in tatters and the csa persuing me for money for 3 kids. Where’s the justice in that?

And just to add the csa have not sent me a letter to explain there actions. Not happy!


  • Alice says:

    Are you saying that they are taking £5.00 from your wifes ESA and also taking CS from your carers benefit as well,or is this £5.00 total for the 3rd child. If you have two children to your ex I would put a claim in for CS,just because she is the mother she is still a NRP and should pay for the 2 children that live with you. I dont understand the divorce issue,if all you are paying is £5.00 a week,lots of NRP;s are paying hundreds and are nearly losing partners,homes and their children.I hope you can sort it out but write a letter asking for details on the payment.

  • Carrina says:

    I cant see any mention of what you were contributing to your 3rd child yourself out of your carers allowence??? if you have been making child maintemence payments through that then i can understand the annoyance but if you havent been making ANY payments at all then i dont understand at all. You firstly had a responsibility to you child the moment you she was concieved. I understand you quitting work to care for your ill wife but you still have a financial obligation to your child that does not live with you. And personally, I feel that when you marry someone with a previous child and then choose to have a child with them, you then take on and understand the parental responsibility that the husband had to begin with. Its unfair that you should expect your ex to understand your financial obligations to your current wife and family but yet you or your current wife are not understanding your financial obligations to your 3rd child. You still have a financial obligation, and the carers allowance is an income that is earned by you despite your wifes circumstances. £5 a week is not that much

  • Alice says:

    After reading this post again I now understand what is being said.You have 3 children,2 to your now wife and 1 child to an ex partner.Why is money coming from your wifes ESA and not from your carers money ?Am I now to understand that you are only paying £5.00 for this 3rd child(nothing more).Not exactly sure why you are asking for advice on this because really £5.00 is not a great deal especially when there are NRPS paying out loads more and losing houses and families.As for your wife talking about divorce ,I do presume that she knew you had a child before you decided to get married and have 2 more children.Anyway if you look at other posts with your wife you will see that you are lucky that your child tax is not taken into account because if you were working you would be paying a hell of alot more in CS .Harsh but true.

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