CSA want my child’s disability pay

April 6, 2010

We have applied for DLA for our son who has Aspergers Syndrome & ADHD and been denied – we have reclaimed recently as the school he attends called in the pro’s (the reason we were denied previously was the schools total denial!) Anyhow my husband of 10 years has never shirked his responsibility though was on the old system deemed not to earn enough to pay maintenance (£711 net per month) I had 2 children from my previous marriage one child in receipt of DLA also – this child has now moved out and we are a family of 5 now. When he and his ex (2 children) split he left her their house which she has since sold at a 60000 profit, their car and took on their 6 month old consolidation load mainly her catalogues, credit cards & the car) After 2 years he went personally bankrupt.

While unemployed when we were first together we used to pay her £100 a month from our income suport – again never shirked! Anyhow – we bought a house 3 years ago – on an interest only mortgage – all we could manage with the bankruptcy behind him but even then only possible as i had been left half the proceeds of the sale of my late mothers home (we had been living in with her but as we had left council accommodation to care 24/7 for my mother they would not rehouse us and with his bankruptcy we couldn’t get private rentals) so we were ’sensible’ & bought – of course we are in negative equity as we bought in Oct 97 – the highest cost of housing month ever!

His ex has decided to close the old claim & wait to reopen under the new rules – non means tested & now after losing over £100 income a month and about to lose another £200 when my eldest leaves college in June we have to find £50 a week plus arears of £50 a month – we simply cannot afford this even with interest rates meaning currently our mortgage is under £40 a month!!! God help us when it goes back up. While waiting for the CSA to call us re backpayments we got the call to find out they had ignored their other call to us & were going to do a DOE & take over £400 this month – from £711 you can see it’s unworkable. Our current monthly income totals (everything inc) £1576 – our outgoings paying the CSA payment but NO arrears is £1789! This month just paying the basic amount we have gone into a pinic & cancelled all Direct Debits except the mortgage, insurance & loan on the house (for essential rewire).

So we have an incontinent son – we get nothing extra for those costs & a child with ADHD & a Autistic disorder but we are left in a situation where I will lose my inheritance entirely unless my husband moves out or I can find a job – the difficulty there is the care our son needs limits what hours I can do & also the interruptions from school when things go awry mean any employer won’t want me around for long!

We are simply living under a cloud that is robbing us and my children daily to give to a family who can well afford to not do this to us. Her new husband has 4 children 2 still of an age to pay maintenance for – guess what – he doesn’t pay!!!! Why should I pay for hers????