CSA want money back they paid to me

March 22, 2010

I need some CSA advice. My Ex used to pay maintenience for my daughter. To cut a long story short he paid it for 2 years when he shouldn’t have been CSA claims it was my fault for no re-applying for some forms however I was not aware I needed to.

About 3 years ago they wrote to me and said I owed them £5k, I spoke to my ex and he said that as long as the money was used for my daughters upbringing while she was at college then he was happy to forget about the debt. He said he would call the CSA and tell them this.

I’ve now had a call today to say that he asked for the money so the CSA paid him this year and I now owe the CSA the £5k. I explained that me and my ex had come to an agreement to wipe the debt off, but they say they have no notes ot this, and I also completely forgot at the time to get somehting in writing from him or the CSA to say he was happy to wipe the debt off.

They are now demanding the money back. I have no way of getting the £5k and even if they spread it over 5 years it would still be near impossible. Me and my new partner earn a average wage but by the time all the bills are taken out we are left with next to nothing.

My 2 questions are how will they work out how much I can afford to pay them back i.e will they say look my my pay slip and say 10% a month goes to them untill the debt it clear (will they also include my new partners salary?)

and secondly what sort of time scale do the CSA usually give to clear a debt off?? I could only afford a maximum of £40/50 a month which would take nearly 8 years to clear the debt

I don’t think I should even have to repay the money however the CSA are being very demanding and threatning me. Also my ex has now vanished so I cannot contact his to discuss.

Thanking you in advance



  • Karen Bedford says:

    The good thing is you and your ex have a ‘relationship’ that means you both want to support your child and for him to say about the money contributing to the upbringing of her is great. So I can not understand why the CSA are involved in this, as doesnt make sense!? Im sure if you contact you MP and get her/him involved, this should help. The CSA should be going after the ‘ones’ who abuse the system and leave ‘good supportive’ parents alone.

  • Liz says:

    Yep know the feeling except due to their maladministration their chasing me for 7K which dates back 7yrs ago when they set my file up and didnt take into account the mortgage payments although they had the info. However in your case I believe if you were to offer to pay the debt off at £1 a month it must be accepted as in a court of law this shows willingness the down side is that this also says that you ARE ACCEPTING you are LIABLE for the debt.

  • rach says:

    good im glad they are hounding you to pay back what has been overpaid maybe if they did this with all pwcs then you would understand exactly how thr nrp feels i hope they use all their enforcement powers on you also as they would not hesitate to use on an nrp in the same position

  • rach says:

    instead of emailing me privately to gob off do it here! your ex decided he wanted the money back so you now owe the csa along with thousands of nrp you have 2 years (they will say) to pay it back otherwise enforcement will start. do all you pwcs still think the csa is a good idea knowing that this could happen to you too?

  • rach says:

    all you can do is get your mp involved and ask him to campaign for the end of this terrible company who probably dont care that they will now put you and your child (that they are meant to be supporting) into poverty

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