CSA want £9k for a child my partner has never seen!

October 29, 2011

Where to start…. my partner has been asked to pay £9k arrears for a 6 yr old child he has never set eyes on. The child was a result of a one night stand, is not on the birth cert and he has never been sure he was the father.

He has had no contact with the mother since their one night stand. He recalls having a letter off the csa a year after she was born, but took no notice as he hadnt seen her and had these doubts, but heard nothing for the last 5 years.

I dont disagree with him paying in future, if it turns out she is his, what i dont agree with is having to pay the arrears. If she had pursued it when the child was born he would have paid, i just dont see how its fair she can suddenly decide the time is right to ask for the arrears! I have no idea what rights he has to appeal, any advice would be appreciated


  • Tilly says:

    A short while ago my husband finised paying for the two children (whom his ex has never let him see) after 17 years of paying EVERY week. We then got an end of case account breakdown which claims that he did not pay for a period of nearly 3 years (about 10 years ago) and they say he must continue to pay as there are arrears.
    I sent bank statements showing that he had paid, but the bitch at the CSA refused to talk to me and said she did not believe the bank statements as their system showed missing payments, and that we would just have to appeal, and continue to pay.
    We have been to the Police this week as I am beginning to think that perhaps there maybe employee theft going on in the Agency. Anyone else had this problem, then please contact me. Our missing money is about £1800, so if an employee has done this to even just a hundred people, we are talking about a lot of fraud.

  • Leanne jones says:

    Well I agree that your partners has to pay arrears as he was made aware of the child previous he should have made more of an effort to do dna not putting head in clouds at end of the day he chose to sleep unprotected so should pay for it

  • tarz says:

    Really he should have got off his arse and asked for a DNA test the minute he got the letter from the CSA. They would pay for the test and if it was proven he wasn’t the father then he wouldn’t have to pay them back. However if he turned out to be the father then he would owe the money for that too. I don’t know how he is able gone this long knowing he could have a child out there and not bothering to make the effort to find out. Some men really cease to amaze me!
    I’m sure it has not been easy for the mother doing it on her own and she will have had to make sacrifices to feed, clothe and put a roof over the child’s head. so if he’s the father then it’s only fair he should support the child. I agree with Leanne and in the words of Jezza Kyle ”put something on the end of it”

  • JP says:

    LOL she did persue it that’s what the letter was about. He just chose to ignore it and hoped the child would disappear. What an idiot! Poor kid :/

  • sheena says:

    My husband has just decided in the last year that a 18year old girl is his.He was certain she was not his and would never pay a penny we had a son and i was the one left with dealing with the csa.The girl got in touch with my husband and so did the mother not for getting she had 7 children all by different men.My husband refused dna as he was certain he now has gone to live with this woman and in less then a year she had another baby.He is still trying to avoid paying the csa and he has been in this childs life now for a year.Not for getting they only got in touch as they heard his mum had died.I supported him witht he csa as he was certain that it was not his daughter he odes not pay for his son here now as he can not afford to as he has got to support her with all them kids.The csa want there money and if i had known what i know now i would of made him pay and see that child but he made the choice.He was told by the csa if he did have contact witht her he would have to pay the arrears he now owes them 39000 and he says it is my fault.Would love to know why it is my fault he should of put something on it as within a month of him being there she was pregnant and now that is my fault he has another child to pay for.I think women like that should not be allowed to have children as that is all she seems to do.

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