CSA waited four years before acting

January 16, 2012

last year my husband recieved a letter from the csa saying they believed there had been a change in circumstances, very shocked he rang them as he didnt have a case with the csa,they wouldnt give info out as he didnt pass security, they said he had a child, well after many letters and lies from the csa we found out 10 years ago a claim was put in against him, he remembers he had a form from them but he denied been the parent, that was the last he heard from the csa as his parents moved and he joined the armed forces.

We got dna tests done this year with help from the mp as the csa wouldnt give info about the child or mother and yes the child is his. the biggest shock was a letter saying there was 10k arrears owing, the csa claim they contacted him in 2006 asking for wage info, but in the data protection files it shows they contacted the army who gave them that info but wouldnt confirm his address as he was in an operational zone.

The csa didnt act upon that info, they waited another 4 years to contact him again after another call from the pwc asking for an update on her case( even she waited 4 years) they are taking 430 per month from his wages, we have appealed against this and things i found in the data files, one saying the case had been closed in 2003,last month we went to the tribunal and the judge picked up on several things too, he wanted to know why they would back date us having 3 children in our house for 6 months and not back to 2006, the csa said thats not what we are here for, well the judge had a printed piece of paper for my hubby to sign to appeal againt that, he said if they can backdate 6 months they can backdate to the effective date, the next he wanted to know why it stated in the files the case was closed in feb 2003 just before the change from csa1 to csa2, the csa man couldnt answer he was skimming through his books very uncomfortable.

Also he picked up on the original case was on csa1 and they have calculated it on csa2 he wanted to know why and what legal reason they have in doing so. he adjurned the case.he said to the csa rep, u do understand if the case as been closed there is no case and no arrears. he sent a direction notice asking all he picked up on. i have gone back through paper work and have noticed that in 2004 they put another child on my hubbys case, it is the 2nd child of the pwc, and no its not his( she as 4 with 4 different men) they must have picked up on it as it says date become liable for child then 3 months later date you become unliable.

So that would have dragged the csa1 over to csa2, but the child is not his so surely no legal reason to do it, it was there mistake. we are now waiting for another date, the csa had 28 days to respond which was up last week. the judge told us to go home and look thru the paperwork in detail and look for certain key words.

I’m really hoping it goes well. even csa1 would be better for us.


  • John says:

    Ask for a full breakdown of the alleged arrears. The CSA always make miscalculations. You may get the arrears reduced. Also, I think that if the debt is before 2000, the CSA may not be able to collect it!

    Ask your M.P. to refer your case to theParliamentary Ombudsman with regard to CSA proceedure and maladministration.

    Good Luck!

  • joanne says:

    In our case csa will not issue a breakdown on our arrears, not even to the mp….something to hide maybe? And we certainly can guarantee it was pre 2000, but they won’t give us dates either. Csa are a joke, thank goodness people are fighting back. And with the case above how dare they assume that men are fathers of children with no proof and the men not knowing jack about it until its too late. Poor child is all I can say. Good luck with your case, I hope you nail them.

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