CSA used to derail court case

April 19, 2015

I am a father of two lovely children now aged 10 and 12. I split up with their mother nearly four years ago after 10 years of emotional abuse and being controlled.

Her revenge was to stop me seeing my children by coming up with various allegations of abuse to them and her and have been to court, none of the allegations have been proven but she had managed to get court orders on me because she can fund it and I can’t.

So I worked hard and saved money to recently take her to court to try and have access to my children, so far it has cost me £3,000. So my ex wife contacts CSA and tells them I am earning more and they re-assess me and now I have to pay a lot more CSA for my two children I cannot see.

She used CSA to stop me proceeding with the case and now I have stopped trying because of the CSA payments. The system is so wrong and favours mothers so much and I can understand why so many fathers are fighting their causes and want to join them.


  • Gonk says:

    Cheryl smith
    READ THIS,……You see another case where the father gets shit on. THIS is why we resent paying this vile agency and the greedy bitches that exploit it to their own needs. Let’s see if you comment on this posting? Probably not because the author is an NRP.

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