CSA use Adwords on broad match

April 9, 2008

We mentioned on Monday how the CSA are using Google’s Adwords to advertise their bounty hunting services in the UK. It’s actually worse than that as they’re using Adwords, but have the keyword ‘CSA’ on broad match with no negatives. This is an awful way to run a PPC campaign as they’ll be eating through budget very quickly.

You can see this by Googling ‘CSA’ and adding any other word with CSA, such as what we’ve done here, ‘CSA Complaints’. You can see that the standard CSA advert shows up, in position 1 every time. This means they’re bidding high and are appearing for any search that uses the letters CSA together.

What a waste of money, but then would you expect anything less from the child support agency?

CSA Adwords

In addition to using broad match with no negatives, they’re using their homepage as the landing page for every ad, and aren’t catering the ad in any way for the search. For example, if they had any sense (which of course they don’t) they’d have different ads and different landing pages to cater for different searches, such as a search for CSA Complaints could take you to the complaints procedure page on their website.

But that would require knowledge and intelligence, something blatantly lacking with the child support agency.