CSA upped my payment without reason and won’t negotiate payment terms

February 6, 2018

I pay to the csa out of my wages at my request . This was so i would not get into arrears. They have put me in arrears so now on top of the £222 i pay out of my wage on the 28th of each month , they’re asking me for that, plus an extra £86 = £308 for the next 5 months until my case closes in May 2018 , thats an extra £430.

No one will explain to me where all this arrears has come from. They’ve sent me a statement from 2013 up to the present( but nothing mentions the arrears) as i have been paying since 2013. Upto Nov 2017 my maintenance payments were £222. Will someone please help me . They keep talking arrears as they always take payment a month behind. But i pay regularly and dont know where, or why i have to pay an extra £86 on the 28th of each month. Thats a massive jump.

I have no control over how much i pay . The csa tells my employer, then my employer pays them.

I do know i owe them £160 as the csa asked my employer for the incorrect amount in Dec 2017. I have offered to pay £252 each month over 5 months to pay off that arrears they have put me in but that is not goid enough apparently! They want just over £308 each month. That doesnt add up to me.

Will someone please help me?


  • David Joseph says:

    Hi Gillian

    You are using the wrong strategy with the CMS/CSA. They will continue to hound you for more and more money if you do not challenge the alleged arrears. You need proof it is outstanding. You need evidence. Since you have always paid what they have asked, where has the arrears come from; how did it accrue? It makes no sense so DO NOT TAKE THIS LYING DOWN. They are evil and will suck the life out of you.

    Need help? Contact me in the first instance at [email protected]


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