CSA unable to do its job

January 7, 2012

I have 3 children by 2 different fathers, the first dad, went back to work for 2 years and the csa didnt even know,even though i trid telling them. i then told them when i found out 2 years later and now he owes £6450, as he was earning alot during that time, now he is on benefit he pays £5 per week and nothing off arrears and i doubt he will pay it off as our child is now 15, and now when i ring csa about him, like him working on the side they say the case is old and is not on the system, and is only in a paper file.

Then i had 2 more children and their father didnt wanna pay either and so i went to csa, by this time he had moved and i didnt know where! I told CSA where he was working as he had just started his job when we split, but they said that because i didnt have his national insurance or bank details or knew where he lived they probely could’nt help. after alot of phone calls and the promise of a letter or call to tell me what was going on, i rang them and was told they couldnt find him and they had closed the case! without telling me, a year later i had it confirmed that he worked at the same place that i told them a year befor. so i rang them again and instead of reopening the case, they had to start all over again and then they found he did work at the place i told them a year befor and they got his national insurance. Wow i thought they were finally gonna do their jobs.

But no, there was no letters, no calls, nothing! i rang them again and again and they gave him chance after chance to pay and one call i would be told they are gonna take it out of his money now and the next there gonna give him another chance and the next call there gonna write next call he wants a DNA and the next call they said he hasn’t answered any of there calls or letters????

So how can he ask for a DNA??? anyway the waiting for him to do the DNA took nearly 6 months, which in the end he didnt bothered doing or responding to any of the calls that i had to get the CSA to do of letters that i had to bug them to write him! finally they set up the money to go from his wages and told me the only back pay he owed was 2 months as they are only gonna take it from when they got in touch with him, the time he replied to them as he said he dint live at the address when they first got intouch. But what about the 2 and a half years he didnt pay for them???

Anyway even now they dont get on touch when they say there gonna and they always have a cant be bothered attitued when i call. now my maintance is really late. 2 weeks ago i was told that if it wasn’t in last week then to call and tell them to contact his payrole, well guess what it wasn’t in and so i rang CSA again and was told by a very bored sounding woman on the phone, that the case worker is gonna keep an eye on it, even though i told her that i had heard his company had been taken over by another company, she just said “oh, the case worker will keep an eye on it” and to call next week if i haven’t got it! i thought it was there job to check if it hasn’t come, not always mine! whats the point of them!


  • chall says:

    Hi tessa,

    If you haven’t done so already, escalate your case to a formal complaint and keep it to the point.

    It may also be worth applying for your Data Protection File, requesting all the information regarding both your cases. It will cost you £10 for such, but once in receipt, if you can prove CSA maladministration, you maybe able to get compensation for the money you have lost as a result.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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