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CSA trying to make up fictitious claim

A few months back the CSA got on to me about arrears from 2009-2011 ,I knew I didn’t owe anything so I applied for my SARs report .
The report came back to me proving there is no claim , I’ve contacted them to no avail , I’ve found a reference quote that is not in the SARs listings , does anyone know ow what ref:CFS404 means .
They never contacted me in writing at all between 2009 and 2011 , I had one phone call , that ended up with them telling me to forget it as there was no claim , how can they blatantly lie as they do ?

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  1. My time with the CSA was finished years ago but I now and again come on here just to read some of the stories.
    The CSA is probably the equivalent of Britain’s Area 51 where what goes on behind closed doors is a closely guarded secret.
    Years later people have carbon copy cases of my case
    You were notified yet I never had paperwork just like you.
    You have to send documents to them after many being sent yet never received so you then use recorded delivery,I’ve had mine signed for loads of times only to find out months later they didn’t make it either and all had been lost in their office so couldn’t be used
    I even sent 5 copies from different locations to the same CSA building and my solicitor sent one also not one envelope made it.
    You eventually get your MP involved suddenly what couldn’t be found before suddenly shows up with an apology from the CSA.
    BUT the only one they could find was the last one sent so they can only sort your case out from that date,anything previous to this if sent to an ombudsman states you are still at fault as you were notified this dating way back to when paperwork was asked for so he sides with the CSA every time.
    Only your case and many others no ones believes you when you say you never received any paper work as it’s your case and it’s made to look like your trying to get out of paying.
    The whole system is crooked and fraudulent but it doesn’t show up with one case.
    If a survey of all cases where paperwork was posted to CSA and recorded deliveries that were signed for yet lost a pattern would show up where their FIXING YOUR CASES in their favour yet making it look like your withholding paperwork
    Basically this is what they do along with the time game where your under the impression they received your paperwork and are dealing with it then months later they request the paperwork again as if still waiting yet all this time arrears are building.

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