CSA tried to fob me off

October 6, 2014

Hello i have 3 years old boy and i would like if his dad can start finely pay some maintenance, he is looking for work at the moment so he is on benefits but i think i did waited long enough as even when he did have job he payed me only once and its doesnt look like he ll be going back work any time soon.

Is time for him to take responsibility as he is on the birth certificate and he actually start to know is not right but he still wont give me any money only if they r taken straight from his benefits or when he start work from his pay.

Its been hard decision to contact CSA and when i got finely brave enough to do that and got through, the lady i spoke was actually not nice and wouldnt really talk to me much she just gave me some number and tell me” call them first they will sort it out between you two without getting us involved”.

Well i was trying to tell her this was so hard for me to call and i know as the father make it clear he wont spent time on phone or talk to somebody or sort it between us, but she wont listen it was very close to 5pm but i was nearly in tears and i actually call for support:-(

This happen about 4 weeks ago i did talk to the father again but there are no changes so i have decide try contact CSA again but not brave enough to do it via phone im sorry as im not sure if i can take another rejection again.


  • Bill says:

    You need to contact child maintenance options. This is not a CSA site.

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