CSA tried to enforce liability order on my home

October 22, 2012

I have just been back in Court with the CSA who have tried to enforce a liability order on the property my girlfriend and I share.

They have created a debt from back dating on numerous mistakes and made out in the Court that I had always underpaid.

The CSA are bare faced liars and will do anything to get money out of honest working men to pay for their incompetence and dodging parents who do not pay for their children.

I have proof that the CSA are wrong and not once has a judge wanted to see it or let me submitt it as evidence.

There is no justice when it comes to the CSA as the courts are frightened of them and their Laws only favour the CSA.

The CSA have created me a debt from their mistakes and gone back nearly 12 years on my case but they are refusing to allow me any living costs from those years.

Its all one way traffic and the only people who win out of this are Solicitors and the CSA.

They have caused me so much pain and suffering over the years with Bailiffs and taking me to Court when I have always paid but not the amount they change every other week.

My girlfriend has stood by me all these years but the final straw was when they tried selling our house from under us to collect the money they now say I owe them.

Be very careful and if you should end up in a similar situation as the CSA can take your property even if jointly owned and sell it.

In this case I would strongly recommend a Solicitor and I know it’s painful having to pay their costs but you are stuck and could easily loose your house.

Keep everything, receipts for payments made and all correspondance as this will help you in the end.

I have 98% of all receipts from the past 12 years and correspondance which has caught them out when they try to stitch you up.

The CSA are very clever at changing paper work to suit and I would reccomend any errors you can prove against their accounting should be submitted to the Inland Revenue as these people are running a business and like us should submit the correct figures.


  • Carol says:

    It is nothing short of disgusting what they get away with.

    Was the order granted over your house? I really think the powers they have been given are not being used correctly. NRP’s who pay are continuoulsy being punished.

  • chall says:

    Quote; “the CSA can take your property even if jointly owned and sell it.”

    Liability Orders have to be granted before the CSA can progress with any further court based enforcement measures ie, Bailiffs , Charging Orders, Order of Sale, etc.
    Before an order for sale application is possible a final charging order must be granted and registered with land registry.
    There should also be evidence that the NRP’s share of the property has equity, after the mortgage is satisfied.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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