CSA tricked me into arrears

April 17, 2014

I went self employed the csa asked me top estimate what my earnings would be which was fine but my earnings didn’t turn out that way they was less than estimated.

When I rang them they said they couldn’t change the amount I have to pay until I have accounts to prove what I earned so when they got my accounts they refused to backdate the amount i have been paying which yes i know i have arrears but im hanging on them its a bargaining tool.

I told them im not paying till this is sorted out ive been to appeal tribueral meeting i wasnt suprised when the panel was two women and the ex missus kicked off for the sympathy vote but i stood my ground with them ,they asked what do i think its cost to look after a 17 year old boy and can i justify the the £19 a week im paying now.

I told the panel the panel if they can justify the £5 a week his mother paid me when i had him then i will justify what i pay.

I told i will not overpay so just waiting for tribueral to decide what will happen next.