CSA treated my partner like a criminal

January 23, 2011

My partner never refused to pay his csa payments which he always paid by standing order/direct debit from his bank account. The csa decided they would take them straight out of his wages instead and wrote a letter to his employer which basically made out that he was refusing to pay his csa payments. When my partner phoned to try to sort this out the man he spoke to appeared to deliberately provoke my partner to get cross just so that the man could have a go at him and hang up.

However, he didn’t properly hang up and my partner heard the man talking to someone else saying that he could have helped but decided not to because of his attitude. He called him all sorts and basically had a laugh at my partners expense. We were disgusted and wrote a letter of complaint which just got ignored.

This was all quite some time ago and we have become totally against the csa, what they do and how they treat people. The financial pressure and stress has caused my partner and I to separate. I won’t be going to the csa for payments for my son, my partner and I will be making a private agreement.


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  1. lyn on January 24th, 2011 9:14 am

    My situation is very simular to you only I LOST MY HOME!

    My ex partner like yours always paid his maintenace but Mammy wanted more and got greedy and of course didnt like him in a new relationship.

    He fought the case for over a year NO Solicitor, NO MP and NO Judge could save him. They are all on the CSA’s side. Mind you when he went to court the Judge was horrified at how the CSA came to calculate his arrears.

    They wanted £36,000 from him and after recalculating the figures it was reduced to £29,000.

    He has lost everything including me and we had the most wonderful relationship but the stress and strain took its toll.

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